RB Nick Chubb (11.25.20)

RB Nick Chubb:

On if he is excited to see what the Browns offense can do in better weather conditions on Sunday: 

“Yeah, I am ready to get down there and just go out there and play the game and hopefully have a good outcome with this team. I think we are just trying to get better every day.”

On avoiding the temptation for the Browns offense to feel a need to carry the team with DE Myles Garrett and CB Denzel Ward out this week: 

“It takes everybody – offense, defense and special teams. No matter who is out, we have guys who are ready to step up to the plate and be big for us. We have a next guy up mentality. Everybody knows that. If one guy goes down, we all come back hard. That is our mentality.”

On if it will be strange to be tackled by former teammate Jaguars LB Joe Schobert: 

“No, it will be fun. I look forward to it.”

On the source of the Browns’ resiliency this season when facing adversity: 

“It is just 2020. That is all it is. Since the beginning of this year, everybody has been resilient. We had to make time during OTAs on virtual on Zoom. We had to be flexible. We could have been called in any time to have practice or meetings. I think it is just a part of us this year.”

On if the Browns offense has established its desired identity for the rest of the year: 

“I am not sure yet. I think we still have a ways to go. We can do a lot of things better. As far as our identity, I think we want to be more balanced and be able to do anything and everything we can. Be able to pass and run the ball, it does not matter. We want to be able to do everything. I think until we get to that point, we are going to keep working.”


On the strangeness of today’s team schedule and how fresh he feels with six games left: 

“It was odd today, but that is what we are used to this year. It has been going on for the whole year of having to make time to come in later or having to change the practice schedule up. I think we are all used to it and we understand what is going can’t be controlled. I feel good. Six games to go, and my body feels great. Ready to keep it going.”

On how important Head Coach Kevin Stefanski has been in establishing the team’s mentality of needing to be flexible and adaptable: 

“He has been great. We all look to him in these times, and he is steady-handed. It seems like he is not really worried about everything. He knows we are going to get our work in and knows it is going to be OK so we are all following him.”

On the biggest adjustments the Browns made in the running game on Sunday to get it going in the fourth quarter: 

“I think we just executed better. I think all of us made our mind up that we were not going to be stopped on something that we believe is our bread and butter of this offense. I think it was more of a mindset thing and a pride thing for us to go out there and run the ball better.”

On his stiff-arm against the Eagles, if he realized what happened in the moment and if he gets more appreciation for the play after watching the film: 

“It just happened. I had no idea it even happened. I did not try to do it. It just happened. I do not even realize until after the game.”


On his reaction seeing the stiff-arm on the long run after the game: 

“It is really nothing to me.”

On splitting carries with RB Kareem Hunt and being able to have fresh legs late in games: 

“It is great being able to play with him and mix it up. I can go in anytime. He can go in anytime. We can just always switch out and not lose anything.”

On the TV broadcast during Sunday’s game stating he was in the medical tent early in the game due to a situation with his contacts and if he was not on the field during the first goal-line opportunity due to the situation with his contacts or another reason:

“No, my contacts came out. That is it.”

On if the situation with his contacts was or was not the reason he was not on the field for the first goal-line opportunity:

“No, I just was not on the field.”

On if he is aware of the history of Browns Legends RBs Earnest Byner and Kevin Mack and if he feels fresher sharing the workload with RB Kareem Hunt or prefers to build momentum with more carries:

“I know a little bit about Kevin and Earnest. I have met Kevin a couple of times. He was around here the last two years. I see Earnest on Twitter sometimes. Yeah, I have heard about them. I think it is best for us to kind of follow in those footsteps and keep the dynamic duo running back thing going here in Cleveland. I feel great no matter what. The games goes on, the fourth quarter, I still feel as good as I felt in the first quarter. That is one of the biggest things why we have so much success in the fourth quarter because the O line and the running backs, we keep going. We are in good shape, we are very physical and we are going to keep going no matter what. I think that is the biggest thing.”

On why he and Hunt complement each other so well, referencing his long run and Hunt’s TD:

“Kareem is an amazing player. Things like that play he made, he makes those plays all of the time. It kind of boosts me up. I saw him jump. I wanted to try to jump, too. We just feed off of each other.”

On Stefanski’s ability to make adjustments as a play caller and with other situations:

“He is really good as an adjuster. We all have had to adjust this year, and he has done a great job of leading us in the right direction. He is a great play caller. What he says he is going to calls, he calls. He does not get his mind somewhere else. He stays on the play sheet.”

On if Schobert looks like the same type of player as when with the Browns:

“He still looks the same. He is very athletic. He has very good instincts. He is fast. He plays hard. I know from playing against him here in practice and watching him play here, he is a great player.”

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