RB Nick Chubb (11.22.20)

RB Nick Chubb:

On how tough it was running the ball against Eagles defense:

“It was really tough. We have to give credit to them. They definitely came to play, and I thought they played extremely hard. There was really nothing there. Maybe only once or twice we had an opening, everything else was blocked up. They played hard.”

On if he likes that Head Coach Kevin Stefanski has confidence to stick with the running game:

“Yeah, I love it. That is our identity. We know it is going to be tough when everyone knows we are a running team for the most part. I think (QB) Baker (Mayfield) and the receivers definitely help us out a lot. When we needed one of those guys to make a play, they made it.”

On breaking off a big 54-yard run and his stiff arm on the play:

“It felt good. That is what we are about. We keep plugging, we keep plugging and keep hitting it. We know one is going to come sooner or later, and it came at a perfect time.”

On RB Kareem Hunt’s leap into end zone:

“It was amazing. I’m pretty sure he jumped from the 5-yard line and landed in the endzone. He is a great athlete and a great player. That is what you can expect when he is out there on the field.”

On if he knew Hunt had the vertical ability to jump that high:

“Yeah, I remember when I was in college and watching him play. He was always leaping over guys so it was nothing new to me.”

On how proud he is that the team responded to win despite not having DE Myles Garrett:

“Myles is a huge part of this team, and you can’t replace him. I think the defense did step up to the plate. OV (DE Olivier Vernon) had 3 sacks, and they had a lot of turnovers. You can’t ask for more. I think they did a great job.”

On the Browns’ perseverance and resiliency in in bad weather games:

“We like to say that we are a resilient team. I think that is showing now playing in these weathers and these conditions. I’m looking forward to going to Florida next week to get some sunshine.”

On his vision on his longer runs and if it is a déjà vu feeling for those occurring at key moments late in games after wearing on an opposing defense:

“The runs are coming later in the game so it could be that. They played great all four quarters. I can’t say we did anything great or better. I know that we made one good play on that, and it spit me out, which was great. I have to give credit to them. They played really hard.”

On the Browns’ ability to wear down the Eagles defense with him and Hunt sharing the workload:

“That is who we are. Me and Kareem are going to [rotate] at running back and run the ball hard. That is what we do. That is how our team is designed as an offense for the whole game. We wear teams down.”

On the Ravens loss to the Titans today and the Browns currently being in second place in the AFC North:

“That is huge, but we still have to focus on ourselves and keep getting wins. We will worry about them when they come here.”

On his success in bad weather games, given his comment about looking forward to sunshine in Florida next week:

“I guess it’s working for me right now. I probably shouldn’t want to change something, but maybe it would be better in nicer weather. Who knows?”

On Stefanski trying different strategies to establish the run game:

“You have to get a feel for it. I know the things we were running at first weren’t really working for us. They came out ready for whatever we had, and they played extremely hard. There were a few play calls I knew we could run, but some they had figured out a little bit. We stayed, and that is what I like about Coach Stefanski. He is not going to shy away from the run. He kept going and running the same plays, and we had to execute it.

On what the Browns have accomplished with run game in the second half of games and the team expecting to be successful with it in the second half:

“That is exactly what we say coming out of halftime. We are going to keep wearing them down. We know sooner or later one should pop. The past few weeks, it has been popping later in the game. That is who we are. That is what we count on happening.”

On specific adjustments the Browns made in the second half of the game:

“There were really no new adjustments. It was us just leaning on them and continuing to wear them down, trusting the run game until one pops.”

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