RB Nick Chubb (11.18.20)

RB Nick Chubb:

On practicing today without T Jack Conklin , C JC Tretter and other Browns players:

“We are all [hopeful] we can get them back. Of course, this year is so crazy. You don’t know what is going to happen. You have to be prepared either way. We have a next up mentality here so whoever is there is going to be great for us, no matter who it is. If we can get JC and Jack back, that would be even greater.”

On T Chris Hubbard also not practicing and that resulting in a ‘next, next man up’ situation:

“Yeah, that is what it is looking like. This team has been through a lot this year. We are very resilient. We will be ready for whatever comes at us.”

On if he thinks about splitting carries with RB Kareem Hunt rather than having the bulk of the rushing attempts:

“No, it is not on my mind at all. Obviously, I understand my position here, and I enjoy it. This is how I have been pretty much since college, sharing the backfield and sharing the ball. That is how I was brought up, that is what I have been doing here and I think it works well for us.”

On if he likes splitting carries and having fresh legs late in a game:

“Yeah, I do. You definitely stay fresh. You definitely get to wear on the defense and get to bring in new fresh legs whenever you need them. I think that helps us out. It is an advantage for us.”

On if the Browns could potentially win a game in 2020 without attempting a pass:

“I have no idea, but probably not. I think you would have to pass the ball sooner or later.”

On if he would like the challenge of trying to win a game without attempting a pass:

“It is whatever we have to do to win. If that is not throwing the ball, let’s do it. Let’s not run the ball and let’s do it. It is just whatever we have to do to win.”

On the confidence boost of having a 100-yard rushing effort in his first game back from IR and how he is feeling physically now after his first game back:

“It felt good to get out there and actually get tackled. I knew coming in last week that I felt good, but I haven’t gotten hit in about five weeks. Going out there and playing a full game and having no troubles with it, it brings a lot of confidence in it.”

On how he notices an opposing defense is getting worn down late in a game when splitting carries with Hunt:

“It is just easier to break tackles. In the first quarter, guys are flying around full speed, coming out of nowhere and tackling and wrapping up hard. Fourth quarter, it is like it is not there anymore. It is like you can see them kind of slowing down. That is pretty much it. You can just feel it.”

On if he wore down some as games progressed last season when having the bulk of the carries and if he feels that much fresher when splitting carries with Hunt:

“Yeah, I feel really good now. I had a little setback, but other than that, I feel great.”

On if he has had an opportunity to reflect on the fact he and Hunt became the first Browns RBs to both rush for 100 yards in a game since 1966 and if that was meaningful to them:

“It felt great just to be able to go out there and ball out with my boy. That is definitely huge for us and for this team and organization. Hopefully, we get plenty more of them.”

On him and Hunt wanting what is best for the team and each other over individual stats:

“It doesn’t matter. All we want to do is win. That is pretty much it. We just want to get a win, and that is all that matters.”

On if the Browns were close to creating other long runs in the first half against the Texans if another block was made:

“Yeah, we were. We were always one guy away. I missed a couple of reads on my own so I think we just have to pull together and make that one play happen, and it will be a big difference for us.”


On if it takes time to get used to contact and timing on offense after missing time due to injury and if that played a factor in not creating other long runs against the Texans:

“Who knows what would have happened? Maybe it was all in my head. I did feel good. The thing about it is I just have not played in a while, and the NFL is full speed and I have to go out there and adapt to it very quick.”

On if he and Hunt have talked about both potentially reaching 1,000 rushing yards this season:

“We have not talked about it yet. I am sure (run game coordinator/running backs) Coach Stump (Mitchell) definitely wants us to get it. He is big on us being the best person we can be, and he is also big on us breaking records and things like that. I definitely think we will hear about that soon enough.”

On if it would be cool for him and Hunt to both reach 1,000 rushing yards this season:

“Yeah, it will. Definitely.”

On the his 59-yard to help seal the win against the Texans and how he was able to turn the corner with a defensive player in his face:

“I have no idea. It just happened so fast. I caught the toss, and somebody was on the ground right in front of me and I had to go around that and then it was a guy in my face. I am just happy I had enough room on the sideline not to step out, be able to turn up the field, go down there and go out of bounds and seal the game.”

On if he knew in the moment that he delayed to get the defender off balance to break free on the 59-yard run:

“No, I did not. It just happened. I had no idea. I did not even remember until I saw the film.”

On the Eagles defensive front:

“It is just a great team, especially up front. Very aggressive, experienced and hard guys. They play super hard, and they play for each other. They will definitely be a challenge for us, and we look forward to it.”

On confidence the Browns can beat the better teams across the NFL:

“Take it week by week. If we can be the best Browns we can be, I am positive we can play with anybody so just take it day by day and see where we are.”

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