RB NIck Chubb (11.16.22)


On if he is excited to play in snowy conditions at Buffalo on Sunday:

“A little bit. I never had a snow game, even though I have been in Cleveland for five years. It is a little bit of excitement in there.”


On preparing for a game with snowy and unpredictable weather conditions:

“Do what you always do. Go to work starting today. You can’t control the weather so that is just one thing that I am not really worried about. Have to go out and do it every week.”


On if players who grew up in the south dream about playing in snowy conditions:

“It wasn’t very realistic so I don’t think so. It did snow down in Georgia but never around football season. It always looks for fun for sure.”


On the Dolphins limiting the Browns run game last week and if that was the result of Miami’s gameplan or the Browns not executing:

“A little bit of everything. You have to give them credit. They came out and they beat us. Very physical up front. They did everything well. A little bit on us too not executing as well and not taking advantage of things that they gave us. A little bit of both, but for sure, that was a great team that we played. They came out and they handled us very well.”


On QB Deshaun Watson returning to practice today and confidence there won’t be any awkwardness as the team prepares to transition the starting QB role in a couple of weeks to Watson from QB Jacoby Brissett:

“It won’t be awkward at all. Jacoby is our quarterback. He has been since the beginning of the season so it won’t be awkward at all, but we are all excited to see Deshaun come out, get some reps and see how he has been doing.”


On if there is a difference in getting handoffs from Brissett and Watson:

“It is all the same.”

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