RB Nick Chubb (11.15.20)

RB Nick Chubb:

On his last run and the decision to go out of bounds:

“I got a call from the (Head) Coach (Kevin Stefanski) and from (QB) Baker (Mayfield) to not score and to get the first down to end the game so that is what I did. Luckily, the run was a little bit longer because I didn’t think about it until the last 10 yards. I think that reminded me, running all the way down there.”

On if its tough to not score a touchdown in that situation:

“Yeah, it is. That is the natural instinct to get into the end zone. Something came in my head and said let’s go out of bounds. I should have just taken a knee or slid to keep the clock running, but it was a split [second] decision.”

On how good it felt for to be back out on the field:

“If felt good. I had to get going. I have not played in a while, and it felt like I had not played in a while. I just had to knock the rust off and keep trusting myself and keep trusting in the line and that it would pay off in the end.”

On Stefanski’s compliment that the team is ‘looking for smart, tough guys’ and that he is one of them:

“It means a lot. We all need to be smart and tough. I think for the most part we are and we are getting there. That is the sign of a good team.”


On if he feels like he gets stronger as he continues to get more opportunities in a game:

“Yeah, I like that. I definitely get into a rhythm. It has been a while. I have not ran the ball in a while. I played the game so I think I got in shape on that [touchdown] drive alone. I think it paid off.”


On if he ever thought about his knee injury during the game:

“It was really out of my mind. It was just end the game. I probably should have just taken a knee. I knew they did not have any more timeouts. Either way, the end result is going to be what it was.”

On how his knee felt today:

“It felt good.”


On his chemistry with RB Kareem Hunt and if they continue to feed off of each other:

“I was definitely feeding off Kareem the whole game. He was out there making great plays and making hard tough runs, and I wanted to follow in his footsteps. He definitely provided me energy throughout this game.”

On playing in bad weather and the teams having to return to the locker rooms after the national anthem:

“That was the only bad sign of weather was the national anthem. That was the only bad part. Other than that it was good.

On if the RBs know it is their time and the team is counting on them in bad weather games:

“We count on everybody. We all have a role to play in a game like that, and I think we all did a great job.”

On when he knew this week that he was going to play today:

“Not until Friday. I felt ready, but it was up to the doctors and coaches.”


On his final run and decision to not score:

“We got a call that if we break one or get a first down to not score so that is what I did. I realized I had the first down and I realized that the game was over so I wanted to go out of bounds. I should have taken a knee and it would have ended faster, but that is what happened.”

On if it is tough to pass up a touchdown:

“It is. I think if I hadn’t gotten one earlier, I would have scored (laughter), but it worked out.”

On the impact for the fantasy players with his decision not to score on the last play:

“I guess I feel bad for that aspect, but we got the W. That is what matters most.”

On if the Browns have established their style and identity through the running game:

“We always want to be a team that runs the ball. I guess we got away from it the past couple weeks. That is who we want to be. That is who we work to be and we have to keep it going. Never satisfied. We got 10 points so that is not enough. We are going to keep working and keep getting better. We want to be an overall balanced team so we have to get better in all areas.”

On if the Browns are built for tough weather games:

“I don’t know. We didn’t win two weeks ago. We want to win every game, no matter what the weather is – rain, snow or shine. We have to be a great team every week.”

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