RB Nick Chubb (10.6.21)

On what it is like to have someone like RB Kareem Hunt who can make him laugh or smile during a tough game:

“It is good playing alongside of him. Being with him at all times, it is always fun. He is always funny. That is who he is all of the time. He is the same way. I really enjoy playing with him and being on the field with him.”


On if Hunt’s name for him is two-four:

“On Sundays, it is.”


On how he has seen QB Baker Mayfield attack this week after Sunday’s game:

“Well, it is Wednesday, and we just got here. We all had a pretty good walkthrough, but we have to come out and have a good practice, and we will see from there.”


On how he helps Mayfield turn the page:

“It is Baker. He is going to come out here, and he is going to have a good day at work, which I think it starts here on Wednesday and it is the biggest day of the week, the first big practice. We all stress to him that we have all been there. I have been there plenty of times. It is just about the bounce back, which he always has. I know we all trust in that and believe in him.”


On if Mayfield said anything to the team about wanting to step up for the team:

“Those things, he does not have to say. We all understand. We all know it is going to happen.”


On the Chargers defensive front:

“I see a good team. I see a great defense. I see guys who have been winning and have been playing well. They look on tape. They look good on paper. They look good all around. It will be a challenge for us going out west and playing at their home field when they are playing hot right now. We have to go to work today and worry about that later.”