RB Nick Chubb (10.19.22)


On the importance of entering back-to-back division games:

“It is important, very important. We know these games mean more. At the end of the day, it is still a game. We have to go out there and play no matter who we are playing. We understand that, but definitely a sense of urgency with this team. We have lost the past three games. We all feel that. We all understand what is going on around here. We are all eager to get out there and play our best game.”


On the AFC North being known as a division that runs the ball:

“It is. It is a different mindset for sure. We all know what is going to happen in this game. It is going to be a very physical, big, run the ball game, which it is all the time. We know each other very well so we know what to expect. It is always different going into these games.”


On what the Patriots defense did to affect the run game last week:

“They played well. They had a great plan for us. Big guys up front. They just handled everything well. Props to them for coming to Cleveland and shutting us down.”


On what the Patriots did to prevent him from reaching the second level on runs:

“I don’t know. Whatever they did, they did it well.”


On remaining patient in games when it may be difficult to break away on long runs:

“Just taking what I do, how I run the ball, my patience and all of those things, I just stick with that. I know eventually the line will do a great job blocking and we will open something up, but it never came for us. That is part of it. That happens, but back to work today.”


On how the Browns run game is impacted if G Wyatt Teller is unavailable this week:

“Next man up. We have a great O line here. (Offensive Line) Coach (Bill) Callahan does a great job with those guys having them ready, and I know whoever he puts right there will be ready.”


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