RB Nick Chubb (10.12.22)


On if when preparing for the Patriots he has to focus on Patriots Head Coach Bill Belichick more due to how long Belichick has been with the team:

“You have to respect him because he has been in the league a long time, won many Super Bowls and is a great coach obviously. It is all around he does a great job handling everything. A great defense, a great staff and a great everything over there so it is always a challenge for us going against the Patriots.”


On a recent projection stating he could surpass 2,000 rushing yards this season and if that mark matters to him at all:

“That is too far away.”


On the Patriots defense:

“They are very disciplined. The guys up front stay in their gaps. A lot of two-gapping. They set the edge. Everyone is in the place they need to be. They don’t mess up at all. They are a very disciplined team. Very smart, tough, big and physical. It will be a great challenge.”


On if he feels like he would be capable of carrying the ball more late in games, understanding he may still be tired:

“I am willing to do whatever I have to do to try to win games. Whatever I have to do or whatever anyone has to do on this team, we all want to step up and make a big play or do more if we have to.”


On the Instagram post he shared at the beginning of the season with it appearing that he wanted to take his game to another level this season and if he entered the year with that mindset:

“That is how I felt definitely but for my team, too. That is something that hasn’t happened because we have lost two in a row now and we lost one earlier in the season. I want that for everyone, not just for me. I still feel like we all can do more.”


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