RB Nick Chubb (1.4.23)


On if Browns players had the opportunity to discuss what has occurred with Bills S Damar Hamlin, whether it be as a team or amongst teammates:

“Yeah, we did as a team. Team meeting, first thing we brought up was that situation. We are all praying for him.  Hoping for the best. It is a tough situation for everyone. It is a lot to process. Now we are all just praying for him.”


On if it is harder to process Hamlin’s situation due to the fact it initially seemed like a ‘routine play’:

“It is a crazy situation just overall. It is tough to even talk about. For now, we are all just praying for him and hoping he comes out of this.”


On what Hamlin has experienced and is facing effects his attitude when playing or if it will be on his mind that circumstances like that could occur to someone:

“It is a lot to process. I haven’t really gotten that far. Just taking it day by day. That is just too far down the road to even think about right now.”


On if he believes the NFL should play games this weekend:

“I am not sure. I can’t even tell you anything. I don’t know.”


On if he is comfortable with the mental health resources the Browns provide to players in response to situations like Hamlin’s and other challenging circumstances:

“For sure. We have a lot of people around here we can go and talk to. No one is afraid to have that talk with any of us. I know if I have any questions I can go to anyone around here and talk to them about it.”


On if there is added motivation this week against the Steelers, given the opportunity to keep Pittsburgh out of the playoffs:

“It is the next game we have so that is the most important game for me. It is just next game up. Go out there and give my best.”


On if reaching 1,500 rushing yards this season would mean a lot to him:

“It is something I haven’t done yet so from that perspective it would be nice. Overall, I just want to go out there and win.”


On how much the Steelers defense changes with Steelers LB T.J. Watt returning to the lineup:

“It is a new defense for sure. He makes that defense go, and it has shown since he has been back. It will be a great challenge for us for sure.”


On if Watt takes chances against the run in an effort to get tackles for loss:

“He plays his game so it works for him. I can’t really knock anything he does. He is a great player.”


On if the Browns offense will open up more this week after QB Deshaun Watson and the unit were able to sustain success in the second half last week:

“Yeah, I hope so, but we will see.”


On if it would be nice to get the NFL rushing title this season, understanding he is a significant amount behind Raiders RB Josh Jacobs:

“Who knows? I am kind of far behind it, but anything can happen. For me, just do what I always do. Go out there and just play my best.”


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