RB Nick Chubb (1.18.21)

RB Nick Chubb:

On the RB tandem with Kareem Hunt this season and expectations for the duo next season: 

“I learned a lot. I learned that there is a way for us both to be on the field at the same time and there is a way for both of us to have a good year at the same time. That is the biggest thing I took from it all is that we can still be us, share the ball and have success with it. The same thing for years to come. Just for us to keep having fun and playing and winning games together.”

On how far the Browns came this season in the face adversity and what it means for the Browns to have accomplished feats the team has not done since the 1990s: 

“It has been a long year for sure. We definitely came a long way since that first Ravens game. We have been through a lot, but this team never stopped, never stopped fighting, never game up and never game in. It paid off for us. Definitely a special year. We will always remember this year with COVID, so many changes and everything that has happened. We won our first playoff game, made it to the division round and did not get it done, but there is still more for us out there and we are not going to stop. We are going to continue to work harder, just keep working and see where we end up next year, but that is awhile away for now.”

On having continuity going into the offseason and not having to learn a new offense: 

“That is huge for sure. I have not even thought about that, but that is the first time going into an offseason since I have been here not having to relearn an offense. It is probably even better for (QB) Baker (Mayfield) because he is the quarterback. That is big. I think we can just hone down on what we have been doing, what we have going and just master it and just take a look at everything. For now, just self-evaluate ourselves as a team and as individuals, look where we can improve in areas, take some time off and go back to work and improve.”


On how the playoff experience will help the Browns going forward: 

“Really just one takeaway from the game yesterday for the most part is just in that moment, you have to make it happen. You can’t have any mistakes. Everything matters. It is win or go home. I think we understand that. Next time we get the opportunity, I hope everyone fully understands that, me included. We only have that one moment, one game to make it happen, and you can’t afford to have any mess-ups or mistakes. I think that is the biggest thing if we ever get there again. That was a great lesson learned yesterday.”

On main reasons he feels good about the team’s future: 

“The biggest reason is this team never stops fighting and never gives up in the face of adversity – playing a game without your head coach and without you key players and to still come out and win and to still come out and fight. Even yesterday when things looked bad, we still fought to the end and never gave up. That is the biggest thing. I think it is just the beginning of this team. We just have to keep getting better, keep improving and never lose that fight.”


On how much confidence he has in Mayfield and Head Coach Kevin Stefanski: 

“A lot of confidence for sure. Kevin, he is a great coach. This system he has brought in, it speaks for itself. There are ways for everyone to have success on our side of the ball. Not only that, it is a really good offense. Baker, he is our guy. He is our quarterback. He has proved that since he has been here. If he can only get better, the future is definitely bright for us.”

On if his uncharacteristic drops yesterday will stick with him and motivate him moving forward and for his next playoff game: 

“Yeah, for sure. It was tough. It did not go my way at all. Can only learn from it. It happened. I am just mad at myself because that is something I worked so hard to improve on was catching the ball in the offseason, and up until yesterday, it has been working for me. I can only learn from it and get back to work, and when the time comes again, be ready for it.”


On what impressed him most about Mayfield this year: 

“Probably just his improvement from last year to right now. He has definitely improved and gotten a lot better in every way, and it paid off. He never stopped fighting. He kept going. It paid off for us and it took us to the second round of the playoffs. I think he improved a lot.”

On if he has had conversations with the team about a possible contract extension this offseason:

“No, I have not. I am just still thinking about yesterday and not really looking forward to that stuff right now. Just continuing to work. It will pay off for me eventually and we will see.”

On the best part of playing for Head Coach Kevin Stefanski and Stefanski’s biggest challenge faced this season:

“I do not even know. He is just what he is about. He is about work. That is what I like. He is not going to sugar coat anything. He will tell you how it is. He pushes us. That is probably what I like about him. His biggest challenge? I do not know. He never really showed that he was facing any challenges. For me, I guess being a first-year head coach is probably his biggest challenge is being the guy who everybody looks to when things go bad or things like that. That is probably the biggest challenge for him.”

On what the Browns OL showed as a group this season:

“Those guys did an amazing job all year. I know it was probably hard for them because every game like somebody new was out. Having to go in and adjust with all of the different communication and all of the different things that they do to be a great O line, props to them because they did a great job. They were just great. They made everything happen for us.”

On C JC Tretter saying he was arguably the best runner in football:

“I definitely appreciate that coming from JC, who is probably the smartest person in football, too. He probably knows what he is talking about, I guess. I appreciate it a lot, but it is because of him and those guys up front that make it possible.”

On if the Browns offense having more time as a unit could allow him and Hunt to be on the field together more and help the offense more next year:

“I think so. Even like earlier, we have the same offense to hone down and learn so I think we definitely can implement some new stuff like that to get us both in the mix at the same time. I definitely think it is possible.”

On the difference between the experience during yesterday’s game compared to others:

“It meant more just because it was a playoff game. In that time, it was win or go home. My mindset is just go out there and play to win for my team and do what I can. That is pretty much it. It is a different atmosphere for one because we played in Arrowhead, first time going there and they are a No. seed so their fans were definitely excited about it. It was fun and it was intense, but we have to do a better job of getting the job done next time.”

On still seeming to be down following yesterday’s loss rather than positively reflecting on the team’s accomplishments this season:

“Yeah, I am down. Those close games when you lose like that hurt way more than when you get blown out. Just knowing that one drive could have made a difference in us going home or playing next week, for me personally, I hold myself to a high standard of playing at a high level every game, and I did not do that yesterday. I had a couple of errors so I am down about that, too. Coach, he said today that the feeling of how we feel right now, hold onto it and hold onto it until it can fuel us for this offseason coming up and for next year. That is what I am doing. Hold onto this feeling for a while, get back to work later and see where we are.”

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