RB Nick Chubb (1.13.21)

RB Nick Chubb:

On what has impressed him most about Head Coach Kevin Stefanski:

“His consistency. Every day, coming in here making sure that we are working. Never taking days off. Always being the same guy.”

On his first impression of Stefanski:

“He was young, a younger person, a younger guy, a younger coach and probably the youngest coach I have ever had as a head coach.”

On if QB Baker Mayfield’s performance last week shows Mayfield is ‘built for the playoffs’:

“Yeah, 100 percent. Like I say, I will always have Baker’s back. This is the guy who I have always seen since I have been here and the guy I played against when I was at Georgia and he was at Oklahoma. He has always been that guy. He is just showing it more.”

On how much Mayfield relishes playing someone of the caliber of Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes on such a big stage:

“Baker always has that underdog mentality, and I am sure that is in his mind right now. He wants to go out and prove himself even more.”

On how Mayfield’s personality and confidence spread to the team:

“He is winner. That is his mindset. He is a winner. He is intense. He loves the game. He is also just a cool guy. You can talk to him about anything, and he is very down to earth. He is just a loveable guy. Everybody wants to be around him. That is just who he is.”

On how valuable Mayfield’s personality is to the team, especially as the starting QB:

“I think it is big. I think his personality definitely is something that is contagious. He is fun to be around. He makes coming to practice fun, even at times when practice is not fun. You look at him and he is going to be the same guy, the same leader, the same person and the guy that you need him to be during that moment. I think it is great.”

On the value of Browns teammates having playoff experience prior to this year:

“It is important. It is good to have veteran guys and veteran coaches who have been in the playoffs, just to lead and talk about the experience that they have had. I know people telling me that the speed is so much faster. It just means more in the playoffs, and I experienced that last Sunday.”

On if he can tell how much this game means to RB Kareem Hunt:

“Kareem talked about this game all year like he knew it was going to happen. He is excited for it. I am excited for him. I am excited to watch him go out there and play. He is ready for it.”

On if Hunt can turn it up another notch on Sunday, given how hard and physical Hunt ran last week:

“I guess we will have to wait and see. I know he is very excited about it.”

On if Stefanski started instilling a belief among the team during the virtual offseason program:

“He has always been about the work, just getting guys to come in here and work every day. That is the probably the thing that is the biggest difference is every day we come in and we go to work.”

On the Chiefs run defense:

“They have very hungry guys that play hard. They are very intense, fast, smart and athletic. They are a great defense in everything they do. It will be a challenge for us for sure.”

On how proud is he of Hunt off of the field:

“I am extremely proud. Ever since I met Kareem, he has been a great person and a great guy who is definitely one of my best friends on the team. He is fun to be around also. We are always cutting up and laughing together through the week, and on Sundays, we are running the ball together. He is definitely a person that enjoy being around.”

On how much Hunt talked about the Chiefs winning the Super Bowl last year and how disappointed Hunt was to not be playing with them in the championship game:

“I remember last year at the beginning of the season, he talked about a little bit. It is like he knew they were going to go and win it all, and I know he wanted to be a part of it. He is here now so he is ours now.”

On the difference playing in a NFL playoff game compared to a regular season game:

“The fact that it is win or go home makes it that more important because every little thing matters. It is not a situation where you have a bad game and we can turn it around next week. You have to make everything happen right there, and you can’t have any mistakes. I think that was the biggest difference in us and them in that game.”

On if he knows before games how many carries he and Hunt will receive:

“No, I have no idea.”

On if he knows whether the Browns will run the ball more this week to keep the ball away from Mahomes:

“No idea.”

On if he hopes he and Hunt run the ball more this Sunday:

“Whatever we have to do.”

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