RB Nick Chubb (1.10.22)

On the adversity the Browns faced this season with injuries, COVID-19 and other elements and how the team was able to adjust to it:

“I think the biggest thing was each day and each week in and out, it was always something that was coming out for our team – injuries and COVID, like you said, or just some other things – that we could not really could not really control. The biggest thing was our team, we kept fighting. Guys who were playing, those guys fought hard for the team and they did not let anything else get in the way. That is the biggest thing. There are a bunch of fighters on the team, guys who do not quit and who do not give up. We were down to our third-string quarterback Nick Mullens, he came in and I thought he played well. The biggest thing is this team is full of fighters, full of competitors and guys who are all bought in and want to play and win.”


On the challenge missing RB Kareem Hunt for nine games this season due to injury and being on the reserve/COVID-19 list:

“It was hard. Kareem is a great player for this team. He brings intensity. He brings a lot of energy. He makes big plays. Thinking back to the Minnesota game, he made a big play, even that game and Chicago. When he was playing and when he was healthy, he was making big plays for the team and giving us a lot of momentum. To not have that in the offense, it was big. We surely missed him because like I said, he brings energy, he makes big plays and he is a great teammate. He is special. To not have that was definitely a hit for us.”


On RB D’Ernest Johnson’s performance in yesterday’s game and this season:

“It was really cool. Like I said, this team is full of fighters, and D’Ernest is one of them. He has been through more than anyone probably on this team, but he never let anything get in his way. When his number was called, he showed out. He made big plays for us.”


On finishing second in the NFL in rushing yards despite missing three games this season:

“That says a lot about our team and about our offensive line. Those guys work hard for us up front. They block a lot of big guys and have stacked boxes that they still plug their way through it, get to the second level and hit the linebackers and block defensive linemen very well. It is a team effort getting second. It is not first so it is not the best, but it is definitely something being through everything that we have been through this year and not even having (run game coordinator/running backs) Coach Stump (Mitchell), O line missing [games], I missed games and we have not had (T) Jack (Conklin) all year pretty much. It says a lot about this team and how well we run the ball.”


On if eventually winning an NFL rushing title is in the back of his mind, understanding team success is always his first focus:

“If it happens, it happens. I am just going to keep doing what I do.”


On why the Browns offense did not have as much success as desired this season and if injuries were the main factor:

“The biggest thing was just a lack of consistency and lack of focus. That is pretty much it. We have all of the tools we need. We have the plays called. It is on us to go out and execute it well. We have some things that just did not go our way and some bad decisions that we all have made. It is a little bit of everything. You can’t really pinpoint one thing, but I think going into the offseason, just coming in, fix the small things and getting back to work.”



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