RB Melvin Gordon III (10.21.21)

On the difference offensively for the Broncos in the second half, compared to the first:

“Easy, just making our plays. Making them count. Being called up and we were making them count. We did not care about anything else, we were still in the game. We wanted to win the game. We had fight. We found a way to get holes and we found a way to make our plays. That was the difference. We were not making the plays in the first half. Getting off the field, slow start, played bad, but we were still in the game. We rallied together as a group, but we can’t take three quarters to try to get going. We have to do that from the start.”


On what needs to happen to get Denver’s running game going:

“We just have to stay on the field. We have to convert on the third downs. It is tough when you are getting behind, but we have to figure out a way to be able to run the ball, because when we run the ball effectively, we open up everything. Me and (RB) Javonte (Williams), we are pretty good runners. We can make it go. We can make it happen. But it is different when you get behind the chain, you are down, and you are just put in sticky situations – that is how it has been for us the last couple of weeks, considering us getting down and having slow starts.”


On how much QB Teddy Bridgewater gutted out tonight:

“We all gutted it out. It is not just Teddy who is going out there dealing with stuff. Everybody is dealing with stuff. Cleveland is dealing with stuff. We are all dealing with stuff, but we are also playing for each other. We just have to fight harder. We are all going through it. Some guys are probably more injured than others, but we are all out there. We are not a 100 [%], but no one in the league is a 100 [percent] at this point. We have to figure out a way to win regardless.”