RB Kareem Hunt & K Chase McLaughlin (9.26.21)

On how the 57-yard FG felt off of his foot:

McLaughlin: “It was not my best hit, but when it came off and it was good, I turned to (P) Jamie (Gillan) pretty quickly. Again, it was not my best hit, but it felt good.”


On if he was fired up out there today:

Hunt: “Most definitely. I love the game. I love football, especially winning.”


On describing his TD run:

Hunt: “There were a couple of defenders in the way, but I just wanted it. I knew another touchdown or so would put them away so whatever it takes to make it happen.”


On if this felt like his best game as a Cleveland Brown:

Hunt: “I feel like any game I play, I give it my all.  I can’t really say it is my best game. I feel like I have played some good games, even when the stats do not show it.”


On if the Browns’ defensive performance can give the offense energy:

Hunt: “Most definitely. They had us fired up. The defense came out lights out. Those guys were flying around, getting to the quarterback, getting to the ball and breaking up passes.”


On if he welcomes the chance to have long FG opportunities:

McLaughlin: “Absolutely. Having (Head Coach Kevin) Stefanski have the trust in me to put me out there and just give me the opportunity, I am super thankful for it. I am glad I could make it for the team.”


On his 57-yarder being the longest in Cleveland Browns history at FirstEnergy Stadium:

McLaughlin: “I did not know it at the time, but I saw it on the scoreboard afterwards. It was something pretty cool, but just have to finish out the game and finish strong.”


On if the run game was struggling early in the game:

Hunt: “That is a solid front seven. That is a good defense. They have some big time players over there on that side of the ball. You have to keep wearing them down and wearing them down, and eventually, it will pop.”


On his ability to change the momentum of a game like he did in the second quarter:

Hunt: “Anytime my number is called, I am going to go out there and give it my all. When I was able to go out there and hopefully change the game around because our offense was moving a little slow at the beginning, I was fired up. I want to win, and I want to do whatever it takes to win.”


On WR Odell Beckham Jr.’s performance:

Hunt: “He is back like he never left. I told him that. He looked great out there. Looking forward to seeing many more.”


On what RB Nick Chubb says to him after a great game like this:

Hunt: “Great game. Me and (RB) Nick (Chubb), we celebrate it together. I root for him all of the time, and I want to see him succeed. Same goes my way.”