RB Kareem Hunt (9.9.20)

RB Kareem Hunt:

On his contract extension: 

“I am just grateful. I have to thank everybody in the building from top to bottom. It is an honor to be here, especially in my hometown. I also want to thank (former Chiefs and Browns General Manager) John Dorsey. He has done a lot for me and done the whole NFL process with me by drafting me and bringing me here. I could not thank him enough either. It is a lot going on right now. Family is happy, and I am happy.”


On his personal expectations for his season: 

“I feel like I can definitely have a big season by anything by how I can contribute. Even if I do not get the ball, just making plays and using me and stuff like that. I am just excited to now be under (Head Coach Kevin) Stefanski in his zone-scheme offense and stuff like that. He is a great coach, and I am excited about the way he uses two running backs.”


On his conversations with RB Nick Chubb about his contract extension and if he would like to keep the RB tandem together with the Browns for a long time: 

“I would definitely love to be a tandem here with Nick for a long time. Nick is a great back. He is definitely one of those backs who can take it to the house at any moment. Our conversations are still the same. We are really good buddies and we look out for each other. That is how it is going to be.”


On how he and Chubb work so well together: 

“The biggest thing is we have the same goals. We want to win. No matter how, we just want to find a way to win. We do not get selfish or anything like that. We share it with each other. We know it is only one football. I am happy for Nick because he is still going to go out there and perform at a high level like I know he is.”


On how he has grown closer with Chubb since joining the team: 

“Pretty much, we got to know each other a little bit more. I already knew about him when I first signed and knew what kind of running back he was, too. It just evolved by us communicating. He knows a lot more about me now, and I know a lot more about him. Just communicating with each other and then always going out there and pushing each other, showing up to practice, pushing each other, working each other and getting better.”


On if the approach he and Chubb take has spread to teammates: 

“Yeah, I believe so. I would hope so because stuff like that is contagious.”


On the financial aspects of his contract extension, given other top NFL RBs have signed for more annual money while believing he is also a top NFL RB: 

“I believe that, but I am happy I am home. I really just want to go out there and win and do everything in my power to bring a championship to Cleveland. I have my whole family here and everybody I love and care about, and I know everything about Cleveland. I definitely feel I stack up with the best of the best, but hopefully, in two or three years, everybody will see that.”


On if he feels that he owed the Browns a debt of gratitude for giving him an opportunity when it seemed like no one else would when considering the financial aspect of the contract extension:

“I would not say that I owe them. I respect them a lot for giving me another opportunity.”


On liking the way Stefanski uses RBs: 

“I just like the way he likes to run the game through the backs and stuff like that. That is what I mean. He likes to find ways to get the backs the ball.”


On if the Browns offense can still incorporate the creativity using two RBs on the field at once, given how the offseason program and training camp changes may have impacted the ability to install the offense: 

“Yes, I do. I definitely believe that. We are going to find out here in about five days.”


On expectations for QB Baker Mayfield in Year 3: 

“I expect Baker to come out and get the ball in the playmakers’ hands and just be more comfortable out there and have a big year. He looked great. He has looked great all camp and has been doing a great job of being a leader of the offense.”


On if he noticed Mayfield ‘doubting himself’ at the end of last season, given Mayfield’s own comments about last season: 

“I guess. I would not say I noticed that, but he would notice better than anybody. You have to be confident out there on that field, have faith in yourself and just know you can the make plays. He has looked awesome all year. We are not talking about last year. It is a new year.”

On if the Browns have been able to build a strong chemistry, despite the changes to the offseason and training camp: 

“Yeah, I believe that. We have been clicking at practice here lately. I definitely believe that we are going to be just fine.”

On if he liked the way Stefanski helped build team chemistry during the offseason program by sharing stories about their past: 

“Oh, yeah, that helped. I learned a lot about a lot of people who I might not have ever heard their story. Just by doing that, I was able to learn things about people I probably would not talk to that much, but I would always talk to everybody. I learned some things about people I did not know things about. That was a good way to do it. It brought us closer at the team. I have those guys’ backs.”

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