RB Kareem Hunt (9.17.20)

RB Kareem Hunt:

On if he envisioned the RB tandem with RB Nick Chubb to have games like they did tonight:

“Yeah, most definitely. We both have some special talents and we both can do some great things with the ball in our hands.”


On if it was cool the way he closed out the game with multiple big runs and a touchdown:

“Oh yeah, definitely. Anyway I can help the team out and be a weapon, I will do it.”

On if the way he closed out the game be a fresh leg scenario with Chubb:

“I think so. I was fresh. It is just going to be tough keeping us both contained all game.”

On if he was surprised he was so open on his receiving touchdown:
“Yeah, honestly, I think the D end was supposed to keep guarding me, but he just shoved me and let me keep running. I noticed that and I could get into the end zone real quick. (QB) Baker (Mayfield) found me and threw a great ball to me.”


On running behind FB Andy Janovich:

“Andy is a great fullback. Definitely one of the best in the league. He has been doing a great job of moving people. He is doing what he does, keeping his feet running, moving linebackers and creating lanes for me and Nick.”


On DT Sheldon Richardson lobbying to get carries on offense at the goal line and what type of runner Richardson could be:

“I do not know. He want to be a receiver. He want to be a cornerback. I think Sheldon would be a scatback, honestly (laughter).”

On Head Coach Kevin Stefanski and Stefanski’s commitment to the run:

“I believe in him. You have one of the best backs in the league, and I hope they are going to keep giving him the ball on the 1-yard line. I knew Nick was going to get in there.”


On what the Bengals did to stop the goal-line attempts:

“Honestly, they were just in their gaps. They wanted to line up front right there.”


On if it was strange playing with only 6,000 fans in the stadium: 

“A little bit, but hey, it is nice to see people in the stands. That is always a good feeling. It is not hard when you see a different color jersey lined up across from you. That is your own motivation.”

On if he heard the fans in the stadium: 

“Oh yeah, they were loud. 6,000 people got pretty loud. I was like, ‘Wow, it feels good to actually hear cheering.’”

On combining with Chubb for more than 200 rushing yards and four overall TDs: 

“That is our goal. We are both talented running backs. We just want to take advantage of every opportunity.”

On if the win gives the team momentum moving forward after the Week 1 loss: 

“Yes, most definitely. We just have to limit the self-inflicted wounds, go out there, be on the same page and play as a team. This definitely gives us motivation. We understand how good we can be. We just have to play together and be smart.”

On how relived he was that he and Chubb had more touches than Week 1 and had success: 

“Very relieved. I feel like we are game-changers, and moving forward, I would like to continue to get more touches. The both of us need them. We both make plays.”

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