RB Kareem Hunt (9.10.21)


On his feelings returning to Kansas City and Arrowhead Stadium again:

“It feels good. Get to play the team that put us out last year, and we get to come up with a big time opponent. It will show us where we are early so I can’t wait.”


On if there are still some personal feelings returning to Kansas City, given his history with the Chiefs:

“I would not say personal, but yeah, I definitely want to be able to knock these guys off the first game and the first week. It is always like that, but it is another game. I want to win every game we play. They are just in the way and no hard feelings, but I am coming trying to win.”


On if Arrowhead Stadium is one of the loudest stadiums in the NFL:

“It is the loudest stadium I have ever played at, and I have been on their side before. I do not know how the heck offenses can really can think with all this noise so we are going to have to figure it out, and play hard and fast.”


On if the crowd noise at practice gets close to how loud it is at Arrowhead Stadium:

“There is no way to practice it. There is no way, I do not think, to practice it, but we try. It gets loud here when we have the crowd noise, but that is a different type of loud.”


On if there is excitement to see what WR Odell Beckham Jr. can bring to the Browns offense, given the unit really started clicking after the bye week when Beckham was unavailable due to injury:

“I am definitely excited to see him come back. He is looking great – very explosive, fast and great hands. He is looking like he never got hurt. I am excited to see what he brings.”


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