RB Kareem Hunt (8.20.20)

RB Kareem Hunt:

On if it feels good to be running with first team offense and getting additional reps with RB Nick Chubb currently out: 

“Yeah, it feels good. Just getting some extra reps, learning more of the playbook and stuff like that. It is good.”


On if he feels good as he ever been, given how he looks on the field: 

“Yeah, I feel really good. I am not bothered by my injuries. I had an injury coming in the last year. I feel good, body feels good.”


On what he did during the offseason to improve his quickness and explosiveness: 

“I would like to thank my track coach in high school, Matt Luck, and a guy named Rich. Those two guys put me through a lot of hard workouts. I ran a lot of hills, agility [drills] and pulled a lot of sleds to work on my explosion. I spent a lot of time squatting in the garage, a big garage.”


On how hard it was to see Chubb go down in practice and if he was upset with the hard tackle: 

“Yeah, definitely. We just have to learn how to take care of our guys. We do not ever want one of our players getting hurt. I made sure to check on Nick, and I am glad he is doing well. Hopefully, we have him back out there soon. He is a big part of this team.”


On if he likes running behind a FB: 

“Yeah, I like running behind the fullback, but it does not really matter. I just like having the opportunity to get the ball in my hands.”


On he agrees with run game coordinator/running backs coach Stump Mitchell’s comment that FBs are ‘the eyes for the running back’: 

“They kind of go handle the dirty work, and we kind of just run the other way usually after a fullback goes and hopefully blows somebody up.”


On how much he wants to be able to play in front of Browns fans at FirstEnergy Stadium this season: 

“A lot. I definitely would like to see fans in the stands, but I am going to be ready to go with or without fans.”


On if he has thought about if it will be hard to get as amped up if playing in front of no crowd: 

“It will be a little tough I guess, but I really do not think about that because once I see another jersey, my competitiveness will take over, and that is all you really need.”


On why the outside zone running scheme suits him: 

“I feel like I have been running the outside zone my whole life, through Pee Wee, through middle school, high school, Toledo and Kansas City. We have been running a lot of zone. I ran a lot of zone. I just read it out pretty well, I guess. It helps.”


On CB Kevin Johnson’s injury and how scary it is to hear about a teammate sustaining a lacerated liver during practice: 

“That is very scary. I really do not want to talk too much about it. I just hope he is alright and doing well.”


On how long it takes to learn an offensive lineman’s strengths and weaknesses: 

“It takes a few weeks, maybe even a little bit longer. You have to watch the film and see how they are attacking their players in the film, how they are positioning guys and if they are strong off the ball or not. You have to watch it. You can learn pretty much by just watching a lot of film on those guys.”


On if patience is difficult for him in the running game, given RBs are often taught to ‘see the hole and hit it hard’: 

“No, I think I have pretty good patience. That has always been a part of my game, I feel like.”


On training with Chubb during the offseason: 

“We definitely pushed each other. We ran the hill multiple times, and we ran some conditioning stuff, too. Just running next to him, we try to keep up or one of us tries to lead. Each and every rep, we always compete. We love it, too, because we know it is going to make us better.”


On if Chubb talks trash at all when they are competing, given Chubb is perceived as a quieter person: 

“I am going to let Nick speak in silence. He is his own type of guy. We joke around and stuff like that all the time. He is definitely quiet when it is time to work, and he is always working. You can tell by his actions.”


On how disappointed he was that Chubb did not win the rushing title last season and if it was an emphasis during the last week of the 2019 season: 

“It was tough because he definitely deserved it. I definitely feel that he can have a run at it this year or another. It just motivates him. It was a terrible way to lose the title after he had such an amazing season. I was hoping he got the rushing title so we would have two people who won it.”


On if he has spent time at WR during training camp: 

“I have been doing some stuff. Just catching the ball out of the backfield and running routes still out of the backfield. We will see.”


On if there will be more opportunities for him to play or start in the slot: 

“That is up to coach. I am just doing whatever I am told and working.”


On if there is any joking or competitiveness between the Browns RBs and WRs, given the offensive scheme starts with the running game: 

“No, those guys will get their touches. I am not really hearing too much from those guys. They are just ready to win.”

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