RB Kareem Hunt (12.9.20)

RB Kareem Hunt:

On his ability to make RB Nick Chubb laugh and smile more than other people: 

“I feel like I just be myself. I am going to keep talking to him until he answers me. I kind of get Nick a little bit. We see eye to eye on a lot of things, both playing football our whole life and running back and stuff so I am able to relate on things like that and stuff he sees. It is a lot of different things. I can’t point on one thing to make him laugh. There are so many different ways.”

On if it is good that Chubb has somebody like him who can bring out more of Chubb’s personality and get Chubb going: 

“Yeah, most definitely. You really do not need to. He gets himself going to. I am just there to add a little extra to him (laughter).”

On how exciting it is to be a part of helping the Browns accomplish what the team has this season as a Cleveland native: 

“Being born and raised here, it is huge. Everybody is happy. I have never seen it growing up. To be a part of it means so much to me. I definitely want to just keep rolling and keep winning. It is fun winning. That is the biggest thing.”

On what gives him the belief that the Browns are ready for the national attention heading into back-to-back primetime games: 

“I believe that because we have been finding ways to win through the ground, through the air and just playing football. The defense has been doing a great job of getting takeaways and stuff like that, too. We have just been finding ways to win. That is what you have to do to be a good team, no matter what. Every game is not going to be perfect. There are going to be some bad plays and some mistakes made out there, but if we find a way to win at the end of the day, it is a positive.”

On if he knew he was going to catch Titans S Kenny Vaccaro on the fumble recovery: 

“Most definitely. I was not going to stop until I did. I did not really know what happened, but I do not like to see a defender running with the ball the other way. I practice that in practice and everything. Even if the defense gets a turnover in practice, I might be on the sideline and I come chasing after you, even if I am not in the play.”

On Head Coach Kevin Stefanski mentioning him during the postgame speech about the ‘who loves football drill’ and if the coaching staff preaches that to players: 

“Yeah, most definitely. You have to love the game and always find a way to get around the football. Just play and give it your all each and every play.”

On how much better the Browns are since Week 1 at Baltimore: 

“We are a lot better. We had time to grow and learn a lot about ourselves. Practicing gets more chemistry. I feel like through the season, we have been getting better. That is what we have to continue to do.”

On if he understands how the Browns can ‘capture people’s hearts’ because they have seen tough times in the past: 

“Most definitely. It is always good to win. They have seen a lot of losing before and so have I. Being from here and just seeing us turn around and keep going, it is not the end of the season. We still have a lot to prove.”

On if he knows the mindset it takes to handle playing in primetime and not getting caught up in the moment, given his time with the Chiefs: 

“Most definitely. I have been a part of some winning programs so I know what winning looks like. It is nice to see us putting it together, click and seeing it really develop.”

On if he is paying attention to the possibility of Chubb and him both reaching 1,000 rushing yards this season: 

“I just go out there and do whatever I can whenever a play is called or whatever to help maximize the plays, if that is blocking or running the ball. I really do not pay attention too much about it. It will pop up at the end of the game or something. It is just whatever it takes to win. If we win, I am good with that.”

On run game coordinator/running backs coach Stump Mitchell saying it is a goal for Chubb and him to both reach 1,000 rushing yards: 

“Stump said that at the beginning of the season during training camp. He is a great running back coach, and he has done a heck of a job with Nick and me. He has high expectations of both of us.”

On when he realized Chubb and he were going to click and be productive together in Cleveland: 

“Probably later on into the season last year. Maybe the Buffalo game last year.”

On if it took playing together to determine it: 



On if it was just an understood sentiment between Chubb and him that they would share the workload and be productive: 

“Our mindset is pretty similar. We both love the game of football, and we both want to do whatever it takes to help the team win. For me, I like guys like that on my team.”

On when he started hurdling opponents: 

“I feel like it started after I started running track. I did high jump and long jump in high school. I jumped 6’8” and I went to states for both of those events. I guess in high school I started trying to jump over people. I did, and it worked. Sometimes it is a gamble, but it is better than getting hit in your legs.”

On if his pairing with Chubb has gone even better than expected: 

“Most definitely. It is nice being able to have another guy in there who can do everything. He is a talented back, and I believe the same for myself. When we both take the field, you never know.”

On if he talks with teammates about his experience with the Chiefs and the Chiefs turning into a winning football team:

“We know it is only one football, and that is what we have to know. There is a lot of talent on both teams, the Browns and the Chiefs. Those guys bought in and know it is only one football and each making their plays when the ball when it comes their way. That is the thing is we believe in everybody, and that is what we do now. We have a lot of big players stepping up this year for us with the Browns.”

On if he was excited as a Cleveland native following the Steelers loss this week and the team’s current situation:

“I guess so, but we still have to take care of business so I am not really excited. I am more worried about us and worried about us going out there and taking care of business the next game.”

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