RB Kareem Hunt (12.28.20)

RB Kareem Hunt:

On what made it difficult the run the ball yesterday: 

“We have to just come ready to play. There were some things we could have done better as a whole.”

On if he and RB Nick Chubb are disappointed in yesterday’s game and if they are determined to not let something like that happen again: 

“We are not happy. We are never happy after losing a football game. We are going to learn from it and come together as a team. On to the next game. Get better.”

On the Browns still controlling their own destiny and his mood going into the Steelers game: 

“I just feel like from here on out every game should be win or go home. That is how I take it. Starting a couple of weeks earlier, but we have to find a way to win these football games no matter what.”

On if it is any easier to move on from yesterday’s loss knowing what is at stake this week: 

“It is on to the Steelers now. We have to come ready to play like it is a playoff game pretty much. It is that time Every one matters from here on out.”

On what the Browns learned from the first game against the Steelers: 

“We have to start fast and just come ready to play. That is a good football team. We know that. We have a lot of respect for those guys. They come ready to play. Just have to come out there and play our football.”

On how much better the Browns are compared to Week 6: 

“A lot better. We had a lot of time to start gelling as a team. We won some big football games. I believe that we can compete with anybody.”

On if he would have been OK lining up as a WR yesterday: 

“Most definitely. Whatever it takes to win the football game. I feel like I am a playmaker when I get the ball in my hands so whatever it takes.”

On what he saw on QB Baker Mayfield’s fumble on the QB sneak: 

“I kind of just saw it slip out a little bit, and I grabbed it and started pushing.”

On how much a win this week would mean to Browns fans, given it would not only send the team to the postseason for the first time in 18 years but that the win would also come against the rival Steelers: 

“This game is the next game, and every game here on out, we should come in with a playoff mentality like we are going into the playoffs and every game is win or go home. We just have to come out as a team and find a way to win these games, no matter what the situation or anything. That is how we need to look at it.”

On his emotions going into this week: 

“My emotions are to get back on track and get a win. It would mean a lot to this city, to this program and to everybody. That is the goal, and then after that, find a way to get another one.”

On Mayfield being hard on himself after yesterday’s loss and Mayfield’s ability to bounce back this week: 

“Baker is my brother. It is definitely not all on him. There are a lot of things a lot of people could have done better. There are some things that got us into that situation. Honestly, he will have my back no matter what so I will have his, too. I believe in him to bounce back. I believe we all will because that is not just on him; it is on the whole team. It is on everybody.”

On missing four Browns WR on Sunday and eagerness to get those players back this week: 

“We are looking forward to it for sure. Those guys are some big time playmakers for us. Never like going into a game without guys like that. We will be happy to have them back next week. Still, we are going to come back together as a team and find a way to win.”

On how frustrating it was to deal with the situation on Saturday and if the Browns can channel that frustration as a benefit this week: 

“Honestly, it was very frustrating, but like I said, it is time to move on. We are not really talking about that anymore. We have one goal on our mind, and that is the next one and we have to win it.”

On if the situation on Saturday ‘rattled’ the team and ‘affect the start’ of Sunday’s game: 

“It could have, but things are different now. We have to find a way to win football games with whoever we have. I would say I am not too sure.”

On how much the Browns offense has missed G Wyatt Teller in the run game: 

“We miss him a ton. Wyatt is a great offensive lineman, a tough guy and he brings it. We definitely could use everybody.”

On if it would be a boost to get Teller back this week: 

“Most definitely. It would definitely get another big piece to our offense back.”

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