RB Kareem Hunt (11.15.20)

RB Kareem Hunt:

On having RB Nick Chubb back and if both RBs reaching 100 yards means even more:

“Most definitely. It is great to have Nick back. He is a great football player. I missed seeing him out there making big plays. We feed off one another.”

On if it surprised him that Chubb didn’t score on the last run:

“They told him not to score. They told me not to score if I broke one, too. He was doing a great job of being a good teammate and not letting the defense have a chance to get the ball back.”

On Chubb saying he wished he had slide instead of running out of bounds:

“Yeah, take a knee and stay in bounds.”

On how bad the weather was today, given Head Coach Kevin Stefanski said it was worse than the Raiders game:

“It was up there. It was definitely bad, and the wind was crazy. The beginning of the game was a shocker and out of nowhere, but it held up.”

On the weather forcing the teams back into the locker room after the national anthem:

“It was weirdest I have ever seen.”

On how difficult it is to not score a touchdown in Chubb’s situation:

“Yeah, very. I know in the back of his head when he was running that was the only thing he thought about. If he shouldn’t score, he shouldn’t. Personally, I probably would have taken six (laughter).”

On how having Chubb back impacted him and if it made him feel fresher:

“Most definitely. I was definitely fresher out there. The bye week, I had time to rest up and get my body somewhat back so that was a big thing, too. It is great to have Nick come in, too. No drop off.”

On if the Browns’ gameplan for the second half was to run more: 

“That was the game plan honestly. We did that. The O line did a great job of making holes for Nick and I.”

On how satisfying was success in the run game late in the contest:

“That is what good football teams do. You have to be able to bleed the clock out, get those first downs and keep our defense off the field.”

On if the Browns are proud of closing out today’s game after the loss to the Raiders in tough weather conditions:

“Most definitely. We definitely have to win those sloppy games out there and find a way to move the ball when the weather is bad and you can’t go through the air.”

On if the low score of this game is just as satisfying as other wins:

“Most definitely. I don’t care if it was 3-0. As long as we get a win, that is the most important thing.”

On if there was a moment when he felt Chubb was fully back: 

“I knew that he was back in practice. It is good to see that man run. He is a great teammate and a great person. I wish the best for Nick all of the time.”

On his confidence in Chubb cutting the corner on plays and if he always expects Chubb to make it:

“I believe so, yeah. Nick is that type of running back.”

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