RB Kareem Hunt (11.1.20)

RB Kareem Hunt:

On if the Browns battling injuries, including DE Myles Garrett,  played a role in today’s result:

“You have to overcome that stuff. There are no excuses and there will not ever be. We have to find a way to win.”

On the Browns being 5-3 entering the bye:

“Definitely disappointed. That is a game I feel like we definitely should have won, but hats off to them. Those guys did a good job of managing the clock, running the football and doing a good job to keep us out of the end zone on offense. We have to learn from it and get better.”

On the Raiders defense stopping the run today:

“They just did a good job of playing hard at their positions. It is all good.”

On if he is disappointed that the Browns offense could not run the ball in this type of weather:

“Most definitely. They beat us at our own game. They did a good job. Hats off to them.”

On how tough is it when time of possession is strongly slanted between opposing teams:
“It is very tough. Keeping the offense off the field and not letting us really get hot, it is definitely tough. We have to make the most out of each drive and opportunity we have, but we did not.”

On if it is accurate that Head Coach Kevin Stefanski values being able to control the clock:

“Yeah, most definitely. They beat at us at our own game. If we would have flipped it and it had been the other way, I am pretty sure we would have won that game.”

On if it disappointing when Browns players drop passes with opportunities:

“Most definitely. I always hold myself to be able to make every play. We have to do better and make those plays. It is nothing about that. Stuff happens. Everyone drops the ball here and there, but we have to be able to overcome them and make the plays when they are there.”

On the disappointment with inconsistency today, particularly given it is Week 8:

“It was disappointing, but we are still 5-3 and we still have everything in front of us. We just have to keep getting better and find a way to win and win these ball games.”

On if he is looking forward to some serious resting over the bye week:

“No question. It will be good to get some guys back all around – offensive and defensive guys. We will definitely take this and learn during this bye week, too.”

On how hard it was for the Browns to play without Garrett for much of the game:

“You see it. He is an X factor. He is a big time player on our defense. We definitely need him, but those guys, you have to have the next man up mentality. We know those are big shoes to fill, but we still have to find a way to win that game.”

On if he feels that the team left a winnable game on the table:

“Most definitely, but hats off to those guys. They did a good job of holding the ball and doing a good job of converting on third-and-short and stuff like that.”

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