RB Kareem Hunt (10.7.20)

RB Kareem Hunt:

On the Browns losing RB Nick Chubb to injury:

“Very tough to lose a guy like Nick, a brother, a great teammate and a great player. Right now, we have to move next man up, and the other running backs, we all have to carry the load until we can get him back.”


On if he believes he can take on more to help continue the Browns run game success:

“Most definitely. I am willing to do whatever it takes to help the team win. If that means getting more carries, then I am fine with that, too.”

On if he will do anything to help rally the RBs following Chubb’s injury:

“Yeah, definitely. I am just letting the other running backs know that we have some big shoes to fill. We have to keep it rolling and no drop-off. That is the biggest thing.”

On if he had to ‘shut it down’ at all during last week’s game at Dallas due to his groin injury:

“I am feeling good. I will be ready to go Sunday. There was not really a moment that I had to shut it down.”

On the Colts defense:

“They have some great players on that side of the ball – some big physical guys and some guys who can run. Just have to come ready to play. They are going to give it their best shot.”

On if he is able to take on the workload of Chubb’s and his carries combined or if he will need another RB to help:

“I believe I can take on the workload, but honestly, it is not bad because I trust in those other guys, too, (RB) Dontrell (Hilliard) and (RB) D’Ernest Johnson. If I have ever need a break, I know they will come in and do a great job.”

On if he would prefer to give up third down reps or earlier reps to other Browns RBs:

“Whatever the coach decides. (Run game coordinator/running backs) Coach Stump (Mitchell) does a great job of throwing us in there and putting up something for the running backs.”

On how he and RB D’Ernest Johnson complement each other:

“I think we will definitely make a nice one-two punch, too, because D’Ernest is a great back. He has quick feet, a quick guy and able to make some big runs. I feel like we will go good together.”

On how he is a different runner from when he started in the NFL:

“I would just say I learned a lot more. More experienced. More relaxed, I guess. Just being around the game and being able to play up to the speed, it has slowed down a little bit more for me since then.”

On how much better he is after playing with Chubb:

“I am a lot better because Nick Chubb is a great back. There are some things that I take from his game and some things he can take from mine. We learn from each other and give each other ideas of ways we could have gotten more yards or something out of the run. We both try to help each other out in that aspect.”

On what he has learned about Head Coach Kevin Stefanski as a play caller:

“I learned that he is going to stick to the gameplan. He loves to run the football and loves to do other things with the line and schemes and stuff like that. He is just a great coach and play caller.”

On what has allowed the Browns offense to be successful in the red zone:

“Definitely just having us on the same page and being able to scheme up and dial up something to score.”

On G Wyatt Teller’s contribution to the run game and making big blocks:

“He has been doing a great job. He stepped up a lot this season. We need him and he is a great offensive lineman, but I have to give credit to all those guys up front. They are all doing a great job of making lanes for all the running backs. Wyatt has been doing a great job, for sure.”

On how Stefanski’s offensive scheme makes it easier for the RBs:

“Honestly, it makes it easier us because we need good lanes and we do not want to run where there are six people on that side of the ball or something like that. It is just trying to give us the best looks to be successful on each play.”

On if he knew before the season that Stefanski’s new offensive scheme and run game were going to be successful:

“Yes, definitely because he is so detailed and had great runs drawn up and passes. I could definitely tell.”

On the Colts’ defensive performance this season:

“We are facing a great team, a great defense. We just have to come out there and play ball like we have been, and everybody do their assignment and job and it should take care of itself.”

On Stefanski mixing in riskier plays and what that shows about Stefanski’s trust in the offense:

“It shows that he believes in his players, and that is definitely a big thing. He believes that guys can get the job done. If he calls it, he believes in it 100 percent.”

On the feel in the huddle when one of the trick plays or aggressive plays is called:

“We are excited and we just say, ‘We have to make it work so let’s make it work.’”

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