RB Kareem Hunt (10.4.20)

RB Kareem Hunt:

On his reaction to LeBron James tweeting about him during today’s game:

“We are born and raised in Ohio. That is the GOAT right there. I have always been looking up to him since he was drafted to Cleveland.”

On the Browns finishing with more than 300 rushing yards despite RB Nick Chubb leaving the game early due to injury:

“The offensive line is doing a great job. The running backs, (run game coordinator/running backs) Coach Stump (Mitchell) has been telling us what to do an ways to make the most of each and every run. We are working as a team. I am proud of those guys up front. Hopefully, we get him back soon. He is a brother to me.”

On his advice to WR Odell Beckham Jr. before his TD run in the fourth quarter:

“I told him, ‘Odell, look, get five yards, stay inbounds, slide or whatever, and I’m going to handle the rest.’ I guess this one was greedy (laughter). He wanted the homerun, not the base hit.”

On his view of Beckham’s TD run:

“I watched from afar, but it is a good feeling to see that guy get going.”

On how he felt physically heading into today’s game and if he concerned he might not be able to play:

“I love the game of football. I was not concerned. I was just happy to get out there and get another opportunity to play football. I felt pretty good.

On if there were any lingering issues or tweaks to his injury during the game:

“We are not going to talk about it, and I will see you next week.”

On if he spoke with D’Ernest Johnson following Chubb’s injury, given Johnson did not have many NFL carries leading into today’s game:

“That is my boy. I call him ‘Slow Grind’ because he takes it slow, and he is just always working hard. D’Ernest is a hard worker, and he really deserves it. I was just happy for him. I was doing everything in my power to tell him some things of what was going on out there. He just did a great job of filling in. I told him we needed him. Nick went down so I told him, ‘I need you too, man.’”

On the Browns never having previously having three players rush for 70-plus yards in a game and if that ‘blows his mind’:

“Honestly, it does. It is crazy to think about, but 309 rushing yards, that is a ton. A lot of the credit goes up to those guys up front, the schemes, Coach Stefanski and those guys.”

On Beckham creating many big plays in today’s game and how that helps the Browns offense:

“Like I said, it was a walk-off homerun for me. I was very pleased with the way he came out and played. Odell is like that. If he can get going early and get those touches and stay in the game, Odell is going to make those plays. There are not too many guys in the league that are better or if there is, that is a great receiver right there. I think he is the best of the best.”

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