RB Kareem Hunt (10.14.20)

RB Kareem Hunt:

On how special it is to play in the Browns-Steelers rivalry with the teams being 4-1 and 4-0, respectively:

“It is special because we both have two really good teams this year. It is definitely going to be a battle. We want to keep our streak alive, and I am sure they want to keep their streak alive, too. It is going to be a good game.”

On the Steelers defense and run defense:

“They have good guys up front. Their front seven is really good. They have guys who can get to the passer and guys who make it a problem to run on. We definitely just have to come out ready to play and do our jobs and our one-on-one jobs.”

On if he dreamed of the opportunity to play in the Browns-Steelers rivalry as a kid growing up in Cleveland:

“Most definitely. I would always think I would love to be playing at this level and at this big stage, especially Browns versus Steelers. It doesn’t get much bigger than that.”

On if he is confident QB Baker Mayfield will be physically ready to play on Sunday:

“I am confident, and I pray he is ready. He is ready to take on the challenge. He is a great player and a great teammate.”

On if the Browns are better equipped this year to compete with the Steeler’s physical style of play, particularly on the OL and DL:

“Most definitely. I feel like we are going to have to come ready to give our best effort. Those guys are physical, but so are we.”

On his relationship with DE Myles Garrett and how the two became so close, particularly during this past offseason after Garrett returned from suspension:

“Nobody likes having their season cut short. I know I didn’t. I am almost positive I know Myles wasn’t either. That is the thing about that. Myles is a great player, a great person and a great teammate. You just learn a lot going through situations like that. You just have to come ready, forget about all that stuff and do whatever you can. This one is for Myles. This one is for Cleveland Browns fans. This one is for a lot of things.”

On the Browns rallying around Garrett and fully embracing Garrett when returning from suspension:

“Yes, we love Myles. We have Myles’ back no matter what, and he definitely has ours, too. We all know that. Can’t ask for a better teammate than Myles.”

On if Garrett has to be ready for emotions to potentially run high in this game, understanding the team has placed an emphasis on this year compared to what has happened in the past:

“Most definitely, but you are right, last year doesn’t matter. We have a new team, new coaches, new everything and a new record. We definitely have to come out, be ready to play, keep our emotions in check and keep playing in between the whistles. That is for everybody. We have to be smart. It is going to be a long, physical game.”

On if Garrett has the right mindset to handle any potential heightened emotions on Sunday:

“Most definitely. It takes a lot to get Myles out of his element. Myles is a great person and teammate. I have no doubt in my mind that he will keep those emotions in check and go out there and just play football.”

On facing one of the top-ranked defenses and run defenses in back-to-back weeks and if last week’s matchup against the Colts will help this week:

“Yeah, I definitely think it will help. They are both physical teams. They both have a good front seven and great linebackers and playmakers on that side of the ball. That is what makes them a tough defense, and they all work hard. We have to go out there, do our job and play physical.”

On how his groin is feeling:

“I will be ready to go Sunday.”

On if he may be able to take on a bigger workload this week compared to last week:

“I am just going to be ready whenever my number is called and whenever they want to give me the ball whenever. Whatever it takes to win, I am ready.”

On having his most carries as a Brown last week and if it is significant to have the opportunity to start:

“Yeah, it definitely feels good, but I would rather have (RB) Nick (Chubb) back helping me out, too, so we can do this thing together. I don’t mind carrying the load, but it is just part of the game. Injuries come and you have to just go out there and no drop off, keep going and keep winning.”

On running behind the Browns OL:

“Those guys did a great job of working, getting in shape this offseason and coming in ready to play. We had a new addition in a rookie (T Jedrick Wills Jr.), and he has been doing a great job of picking it up and playing hard for us. We have (G) Wyatt (Teller) who is playing out of his mind this year, and (G) Joel (Bitonio) and (C) JC (Tretter), those guys are just vets and really tough people. Honestly, it is a big, huge shout out to them. They have been doing a great job, and (offensive line) Coach (Bill) Callahan has been putting them in a great position to make their blocks and stuff like that.”

On RB D’Ernest Johnson’s impact on the offense:

“D’Ernest is a great person and a great teammate. The start of his journey is insane. He just comes to work every day. I have always believed in D’Ernest and his skillset. It is the way he works and attacks game. I love the way he has been playing, the stuff that he is doing now isn’t really shocking me.”

On how Callahan is impacting the Browns OL and Browns offense:

“Honestly, intensity and just detail. Making sure his guys are in the right position and trying to help them get to the right position. He really does a great job of emphasizing the things that need to get done.”

On if this year’s Browns team feels similar to the Chiefs in 2017 and 2018 when Kansas City started to turn the corner:

“Most definitely. I feel like we are starting to get it going and learning how to play together as a team. That is the big thing and that is how you win football games.”

On how the Browns’ confidence is building each week:

“It is building extremely high. The biggest thing is the next one – the next game and the next play. Take it one play at a time – that is how I do it – and worry about the rest later.”

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