RB Kareem Hunt (10.11.21)

On how to process a tough loss like yesterday when the team led for most of the game but ultimately lost:

“We just have to come in and learn from our mistakes during that game. Come and get better this week to make that not happen again.”


On the Browns calling draw plays to him on third-and-long:

“He believes we still can make something happen. I do not really care what is called. I just try to make it work to the best of my ability. If he calls a pass, I am going to do my job the best I can. If he calls a run, I am going to do everything in my power to get the first down.”


On his mindset and confidence when a draw play was called on third-and-nine yesterday, given he has broken long runs in those situations in the past:

“Yeah, for sure. There is no doubt in my mind. I always feel like if it is third-and-nine, I know where the sticks are. It is in the back of my mind when I run the ball. I do everything I can to get there.”


On Head Coach Kevin Stefanski saying in hindsight he wished he called a different play on the third-and-nine:

“He is the coach so I understand whatever he calls in the moment. If it had worked, it would have been a great job, but it did not.”


On if officiating and potentially missed calls are in the back of his mind during a game and if it is frustrating when that occurs:

“Yeah, it is tough. Sometimes they just have to let us play. Some big calls during that game. It is what it is. We still should have found a way to win that football game. I do not necessarily just put it all on that.”


On if it is fun to play in a back-and-forth high-scoring game like yesterday’s contest:

“I would not say it is fun (laughter), but it is definitely intense. At the end of the day, it is like who wants it more, and we know we have to keep putting up points to win, but you never want to see them keep putting up points right with us.”


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