RB Kareem Hunt (10.11.20)

RB Kareem Hunt:

On the Browns pulling out the win:

“There are going to be games like that for sure. The defense did a great job. It is tough. We have to be ready to adjust and find a way to win and get those tough yards at times. I feel like we still did a pretty decent job against a great defense.”

On his ability to score TDs for the team this season and if he feels like he is on a roll finding the end zone:

“I guess so. I am just trying to make the most of every opportunity. (QB) Baker (Mayfield) did a nice job of putting that ball up there and allowed me to go get it. That is the trust between me and him. I told him, ‘If he ever gets in trouble, don’t be afraid to let me have it’.”

On his versatility on the field, looking like a WR on his catch and if he felt like a WR making the play:

“I pride myself on being able to do it all. I don’t like dropping any passes, I don’t like missing plays and opportunities, and we needed that.”

On RB D’Ernest Johnson’s long run to help secure the win:

“I was so excited. D’Ernest is a great player. He works extremely hard. That was a good run at a big time for us. That is the thing, when you are grinding out tough yards all day, one of them is going to pop. That is the way. Congrats to him and the offensive line for making that happen and wining that game.”


On the Browns getting contributions from their depth at WR:

“We are so deep with the receivers. We have a lot of playmakers out there. Higs (WR Rashard Higgins) is one of them. He definitely makes plays. He and Baker have an extremely good connection, and he came out there and gave it his all.”

On the Browns’ ability to play with multiple weapons on offense and score points in a variety of ways:

“It shows that teams can’t just stack it in the box like they try to do. Baker can beat you, too. Baker is an extremely great quarterback. Definitely, he makes plays.”

On the Browns OL depth, including after G Wyatt Teller’s injury:

“It is the next man up mentality. Wyatt has been doing a great job all season and to lose him early, that is tough. I believe in Hub (T Chris Hubbard). He came in and did a great job for us.”

On the Browns receiving strong contributions from all over the depth chart:

“Guys have to be prepared and ready to step in at any moment. It is no drop-off if we lose a guy. It is tough. It is never good to lose a guy, but all around we have guys who make plays. Especially (S Sheldrick) Redwine and guys like (S Ronnie) Harrison (Jr.) step up and get a big pick-six.”

On his relationship with Redwine and Redwine’s INT: 

“I am really close with him. That’s my guy. He is a great player and a great teammate. He deserves it. I knew he was going to be in the right place at the right time. He practices hard all the time.”

On the Browns being 4-1 despite today’s win not being pretty:

“All of the wins aren’t going to be pretty. Some games, we have to grind it out and make sure we get the win. Props to the coaches and our team to keep fighting and not give up the lead. I am very happy to be 4-1, but we are just getting started. I am ready and looking forward to next game.”

On if the Browns ‘are just getting started’ because the team still sees opportunities to improve:

“Most definitely. A lot of us can clean some stuff up, including myself. We will definitely do that.”

On if the Browns are building confidence and team camaraderie each week:

“Most definitely. Props to the team. We are playing hard right now and at a very high level. We just have to keep coming out strong.”

On the Browns offense averaging 37 points per game since Week 2:

“That is nice. I haven’t really kept up with that. I have been keeping up with wins and losses. Those are the biggest things. It can be 6-0. As long as we win, I am good.”

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