RB Kareem Hunt (1.19.21)

RB Kareem Hunt:

On the 2020 season and the Browns accomplishing feats the team had not previously achieved since the 1990s:

“Honestly, it is just really something special. We want to continue to build off of that. We wanted to go farther. I like where we are now, but we have to keep getting better.”

On what the Browns need to do to take the next step and have consistent success:

“Just be us and play our brand of football. We know what we have to do to get these wins, and we have to find a way to win.”

On Head Coach Kevin Stefanski stating there is an opportunity to explore ways to get him on the field more at the same time as RB Nick Chubb:

“I hope so. I do not really know.”

On the potential for him and Chubb to share more time on the field together next season:

“Honestly, it would mean a lot. Chubb is a heck of a back and so am I. I feel like it would definitely work. There are a lot of things we both can do.”

On if he spoke with Stefanski this season about the potential of the RB tandem being on the field more together:

“I just do what I am told. Whatever he calls and whatever he puts in the gameplan, it is in the gameplan.”

On the AFC Divisional Round game against the Chiefs and the motivation he will draw from it moving forward:

“That is a good football team. We will just take it with us next year – remember how we got there and what we have to do to find a way to win. We definitely have to learn from it and get better.”

On if last week’s loss stings more personally since he started his career with Kansas City, has many friends on the Chiefs and mentioned the potential ‘bragging rights’ following it with his former teammates:

“I love those guys. That is a great team, and they are great players and great people out there. It doesn’t really hurt more. I just really wanted to win the championship. Hey, if anybody is winning it, I am happy for them. That is a good football team. Those guys work hard and they deserve it, especially since they have a good coaching staff and just good people all around over there.”

On his excitement for the Browns’ potential next season, including with all five Browns starting OL expected to return:

“Most definitely, and it will be nice to have everybody back healthy.”

On the Browns OL enjoying running the ball, if he observed that during the year and if that excites him and Chubb:

“Most definitely. Those guys did a tremendous job all year of creating lanes for Nick and me and just battling, even when guys had to step in and play a big role. I never saw those guys quit. They just keep fighting.”

On playing all 16 games this season and the importance for him to reestablish himself this year:

“It was very important. I enjoy playing the game of football so it was nice to be out there for the full season and help lead this team to a great season.”

On if he enjoys his hybrid role with the Browns offense and if it suits him well:

“I think just playing football suits me well. Any opportunity I get, I try to make the most of them because they do not come that often.”

On how the Browns will use last week’s loss as motivation for 2021:

“We just learn from it. We believe we can compete with anybody so we just take the things and the little mistakes out, detail it, learn from it and get better.”

On where QB Baker Mayfield developed the most this season:

“Just as a leader. He really did a great job of stepping up and making big plays when we really needed him to. Just leading the team and firing the guys up. Baker is a great quarterback. I am excited to see what else he has in store in there.”

On if Mayfield established himself as ‘the guy’ long term for the Browns this past season:

“Yes, I believe so. Baker is a heck of a player. He definitely is a part of this great season.”

On if he had the opportunity to speak with WR Rashard Higgins after the fumble:

“Just keep your head up. There is a lot of football left. Go out there and keep giving it your all because it was a great play, but we have to find a way to be smart and either hold onto it or get into the end zone.”

On if he is proud of how the Browns responded from the fumble in the second half:

“Most definitely. We never gave up. We knew we had a chance still, and we just had to come out, play our football and be mistake-free. We definitely wanted to win that game.”

On the final offensive series, including the pass to him on third-and-11:

“We need them. That was a big drive in the game. We have to find a way to come up clutch right there. I don’t think that pass to me was supposed to come to me, but Baker was under a little bit of pressure and he believed I could maybe make something happen.”

On Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes sustaining an injury during last week’s game:

“Prayers to my brother. I hope he is feeling alright, and I hope he has a chance to get out there again this season and play next week. You never want to see somebody go down, especially a concussion and especially the type of guy like that. I wish him the best, and I hope he gets healthy.”

On what run game coordinator/running backs coach Stump Mitchell has meant to him the past two years:

“Coach Stump, sometimes he is the reason why I want to get up and go to practice in the morning because he has been a great coach. He has been a great leader. He is doing a great job with Nick and me. I love him. His energy and the way he loves the game of football, he loves football. He works extremely hard.”

On Chubb being hard on himself about the performance against the Chiefs and if he has spoken to Chubb about it:

“Yeah, I was talking to him all game. It is all good, just flush it down and play the next play. That is all you can do. Everybody knows how great Nick is. He is a heck of a back and can change the game at any time. There is no need to get down on yourself. Everybody is going to make a mistake. It is how you come back from it.”

On if Chubb may be even more motivated following the performance last week:

“Most definitely. Nick works extremely hard. If he gets that same play again next year or whenever, he is definitely going to make that play. I am not worried about Nick coming back and being down on himself. He is a great back.”

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