RB Kareem Hunt (1.10.21)

RB Kareem Hunt:

On his performance tonight, ‘running like a man possessed’ and if he played with a sense of urgency tonight:

“It was win or go home now. I am going to do everything I can to help this team win. I am always going to leave it all out there. I love the game of football. With every opportunity I get, I am going to try and make something happen with it.”

On if there was part of him that had a sense of wanting to return to play in Kansas City next week:

“There is not much to be said about that. We are just taking this one game at a time. That is the ultimate goal. Now, they are the next man in the way.”

On the effectiveness of the Browns throwing to the RBs in the second half:

“Honestly, I just like whatever I can to get an opportunity. We have a lot of playmakers so I want to make the most of each and every play every time I get a touch.”

On what tonight’s playoff win meant to him as a Cleveland native:

“It means a lot. It shows that we are making progress here. I believe we are going to be a real good football team for a long time. Being from the City of Cleveland, it is huge. Honestly, I could not be any happier. Growing up as a kid on the East Side, being able to help this team win and being a part of something great and changing the culture means a lot to me.”

On Steelers WR Juju Smith-Schuster’s comments this week about the ‘Browns is the Browns,’ how much that was a motivating factor tonight and his thoughts on the comment after the game:

“I want you to go ask him the same question. We do not really have to talk about it. You can ask him the same question. What does he think now? Juju is a heck of a player, but it is a new team here. We are going to bring it every time.”

On the Browns’ mentality in the second half and staying aggressive on offense:

“We know that is a good offense. We knew they were going to give it everything they had in the second half. At that point if they did not make up some points, they were going home. We knew everything was going to be coming at us. They did a good job trying to stay in the ball game, but we did a good job of putting them away.”


On offensive coordinator Alex Van Pelt’s play calling tonight:

“He did great. He did a real great job. I am happy to have him around.”

On growing up as a Browns fan as a Cleveland native and how this win impacts him:

“Most definitely. I always want to see the Browns win. I am a home-team type of guy. I want to see the Cavs win, the Indians win and the Cleveland Browns win. This is my city so I want to see everybody from Cleveland win.”

On his mentality when rushing hard at the goal line tonight:

“I was one on one. Well I don’t know about one on one, but there were a couple of people there. I trust my strength and my leg drive. I am going to find a way to put that ball in the end zone. Sometimes carries don’t come through so I have to make the most of it. I wasn’t going to get denied. I know we needed seven points, and with a team like that, you can’t come away with field goals.”

On Stefanski’s postgame message:

“He actually spoke to (RB) Nick (Chubb) and I and he told us how proud he is. He is a great coach and most definitely helped set the foundation here. He was just talking to Nick and I about how happy and proud he is and that we did a great job.”

On the team’s postgame celebration in the locker room:

“It just seems like we love the feeling. We want to keep it rolling. It does not get any better than celebrating with the guys after the game. We want to keep it going.”

On return to Kansas City next week to play the Chiefs and if he remains in touch with several of his former teammates:

“I definitely keep in touch with some of those guys. That is where I started. They did a lot for me, and I have a lot of people on that team. They look out for me and care for me as a person, and I care for them, too. I probably won’t talk to too many of those guys, but there will be maybe one or two that I will call and chop it up with. Other than that, sorry, but we are enemies this week, fellas.”

On if he feels like has something to prove against the Chiefs next week:

“I don’t say too much about that. I am just going to let my game do the talking.”

On if he is surprised by Browns fans setting off fireworks after the win:

“No. We have to keep winning. I am ready to have some more of the great feelings after the game.”

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