RB Jerome Ford (4.30.22)


On joining a strong Browns RB room:

“That was one of the big things that I looked at when I first heard that I was drafted by the Cleveland Browns, just the opportunity to be able to learn behind two great running backs and spend some time getting to learn pretty much everything that I can and soak up everything I can from those guys because they are pretty much doing what they are supposed to do in the league, and they are big names in the league. I would want to one day have my name up there with theirs. I am looking forward to it.”


On being effective in the passing game and his development in that area:

“Just becoming more of a student of the game. Learning the details of pass concepts, detailing my routes and just accepting coaching and listening to my coaches. I think that has been a big help with me in developing.”


On what he hopes to learn from RB Nick Chubb and RB Kareem Hunt:

“My route running. I want to improve my route running and just overall pretty much that transition to the NFL. They pretty much tell us that things move faster in the NFL, and just sitting behind them and being able to watch them play, watch the game speed and even take coaching from them, I think that will be exciting for me.”


On if he expected to be drafted by the Browns and his communication with the team prior to the draft:

“It was definitely a surprise. I had Zoom calls with the Browns. We talked at the Combine actually and at Senior Bowl. It was definitely kind of a surprise because like you said, you have two great running backs already. I am excited to work hard to be the third.”


On how much he is studied Chubb and Hunt during his career:

“Our coach gave us cut-ups of running backs and put them in a folder. We had Nick Chubb in one of the folders. We pretty much watched every run he ever had in his NFL career. We were just sitting there watching and pretty much trying to steal moves and seeing what he was doing differently to improve your game.”


On dealing with his past experience of competing for playing time, including time at slot WR and how that translates to the NFL:

“Pretty much me being willing to do whatever it takes to get on the field to help my team, and that is the same case with the situation I am in now. If they ask me to play slot receiver or run the ball, I am ready to do it.”


On the gratification of making it to the NFL after his college career at Alabama and Cincinnati:

“It feels good honestly seeing your hard work paying off and getting to where you always wanted to be. It has always been a dream of mine to be in the NFL, and I am just about here.”


On if his running backs coach at Cincinnati provided the folder with Chubb’s runs:

“Yes, ma’am.”


On if he knew anything about Chubb before his coach provided the folder of Chubb’s runs:

“Yeah, I knew about Chubb before the folder.”


On continuing his career in Ohio after growing up in Florida:

“It is definitely something that I am used to so it won’t be a big change for me. I have never been to Cleveland so that is exciting. As far as Ohio, most dudes have to go somewhere they have not been. Pretty much, I get to go right back where I was.”


On the pride he takes in his speed:

“I take a lot of pride in my speed. I do think it is a separator. I think being fast in this league pretty much it can change the game with you not getting tackled at the 10-yard line and you turn it into a touchdown or getting tackled at the 50-yard line if you break a long run. I think speed is big at this level so I take a lot of pride in my speed.”


On his decision to go to Alabama and then transfer to Cincinnati:

“(Alabama Head) Coach (Nick) Saban recruited me pretty good. Alabama does a good job of recruiting. Pretty much everything about Alabama is the place that you want to be. I was the only running back taken in my class in 2018. Coach Saban landed a helicopter on the 50-yard line at my high school (laughter). He did a good job of recruiting me honestly. Going to Cincinnati, they also did a good job of recruiting, but my mom really liked Cincinnati through the recruiting process. If she was able to pick for me, she probably would have picked Cincy. When I was getting ready to transfer, OI I am hitting those dudes up, and it was all love once I was able to get in contact with them.”


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