RB D’Ernest Johnson (10.28.21)

On if he and LeBron James have been texting all week:

“No, I have not talked to him at all (laughter).”


On if he feels like his life has changed after his performance last Thursday night:

“Still a lot more I have to do and a lot more improvement that I have to do. It is good that everybody is noticing the hard work that I put in and stuff, but I still have a lot more work to do.”


On if there something he was most proud of after watching last Thursday’s film:

“Just how we performed overall as a team. Everybody stepped up when their number was called, and like I said, how we won as a team.”


On if he received any replies on the direct messages he sent to AAF teams when working on the fishing boat:

“I did not get any bites at all. I DM’d every AAF team, and I did not get a reply at all.”


On how discouraging was it to not get any replies to his direct messages to AAF teams:

“I just took my shot. I just took my shot, just hoping that they reply back but they did not so I just kept working and just kept grinding. Eventually, somebody answered.”


On if he was a member of the Browns by the time the XFL started operating running:

“The AAF came first so I was in the AAF, and then the XFL came, but I was already here.”


On how he connected with the AAF’s Orlando Apollos:

“I actually got the GM’s number from one of my college teammates and college coaches. They gave me the number, and I just kept calling every day. Every single day, I kept calling until they finally said, ‘We are going to bring you in for a tryout.’”


On if he has always been this relentless:

“Yeah, my whole life. Growing up my whole life, I just do not want to be denied anything. I just try to make things happen.”