RB D’Ernest Johnson (10.21.21)

On what it felt like to celebrate his performance with teammates:

“It felt great knowing that everyone believed in me. Coming out here and getting a win for the team means a lot. Being able to come out here and fight hard just go get this victory means a lot.”


On what his ‘Trust the Process’ shirt means to him:

“It means a lot. ‘Slow Grind,’ you have to trust the process no matter what you are going through. You have to believe in yourself and trust God.”


On if he ever lost trust in the grind:

“No, I never lost trust in the process. Coming from a fishing boat, I always dreamed of playing in the NFL. Even when playing in the AAF, I always dreamed of playing here in the league. Being able to be on this team is a blessing. It is always a dream come true to be able to be here. To be able start and come out here and help the team win, that is the best feeling.”


On the offensive line opening holes for him tonight:

“They did a great job. The whole offensive line and the receivers did a great job opening up holes and making it easy for me.”


On his week of preparation leading up to his first start:

“I did the same things I always do like taking care of my body and watching film like Coach taught. He always does a great job of preparing all of the running backs well and preparing me to be the starter. Nothing changed really. The expectations were still high in the room. We just had to come out here and get the job done.”


On his conversations with RB Nick Chubb and RB Kareem Hunt before his first start:

“They basically told me to just be me. Do not change anything and just be me. Continue to do what I do and do not change anything.”


On what it felt like to score his first touchdown and run for 100 yards:

“It is unexplainable, I cannot even lie to you. I wanted to celebrate, but I did not know what to do. I just yelled because it has been a long journey, man. To get your first start and get 100 yards and your first touchdown, that ain’t nothing but God.”


On if he practiced a celebration before the game:

“I was thinking about a lot of them before I got here, but when the moment happened, I did not know what to do. I just yelled, screamed and celebrated with the team.”


On LeBron James giving him a shoutout on Twitter:

“LeBron? Man, that is my favorite basketball player. I am not going to lie to you. LeBron? LeBron James? Wow, that is big time. That is amazing. LeBron James, I appreciate it, bro. That means a lot. Wow.”