RB D’Ernest Johnson (10.19.21)

On how excited he is for the opportunity to contribute more on offense with RB Kareem Hunt out and RB Nick Chubb’s status currently being uncertain:

“I am very excited. First time getting a chance to start. It is always a dream come true.”


On if his mentality stays the same in the event he does start at RB on Sunday:

“The mentality stays the same. (Running backs coach/run game coordinator) Coach Stump (Mitchell), he preaches a lot about prepare well and everybody is going in to start the game. The mentality stays the same. The standard is still high in the room. We just have to go out there and execute.”


On if he has received any advice from Chubb and Hunt:

“They basically just told me to go out there and play my ball. Just go out there and do what I do. Just play my game.”


On what he has learned from observing Chubb and Hunt:

“I have learned a lot. Those guys are two of the best backs in the league. They run very hard. They do a lot of great things. It is always great to sit behind them, learn and pick out different things that you can bring to your table.”


On other messages from Browns teammates:

“Everybody has the confidence. We all have the confidence. It is next man up mentality. We just have to go out there and just execute. Basically, everybody is just saying just go out there and do my job. That is what we have to do is we just all have to go out there and do our jobs. That is every week. Nothing changes.”


On if there are benefits to playing on Thursday night with a short week after Sunday’s loss:

“At the same time, yes and no. You want to go through those corrections, but at the same time, you have to move past that and look forward to the next game. That is what we did. We learned from our mistakes from the last game. We just have to go out this game and execute everything that we need to execute.”


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