RB Demetric Felton (8.22.21)

On if he prefers playing RB or WR:

“I really have no preference.”

On his performance today:

“I think I had an OK day. Just looking forward to getting back at practice and working hard.”

On having a LB line up across to cover him:

“Linebacker or DB, I can get open. It is really no surprise for me.”

On his performance in the run game today:

“I felt like I did OK. I feel like there is definitely room for improvement. Like, I said before, I am just looking forward to getting back to practice and getting better.”

On if he has been able to learn anything from RB Kareem Hunt as their playing styles are similar:

“Definitely. Whenever I get back home or even when I am out there on the field, I study those guys a lot. I am just looking for anything that I can add to my game and just improve.”

On how it was practice with the New York Giants this week:

“I think it is good to have some guys other than your teammates that you are going against to get a different feel. I definitely think it was beneficial for me and the team.”