RB Demetric Felton (8.12.21)

On spending time with the RBs and WRs:

“In the beginning of camp, I would be in the running back room for two days and then the other day I would be in the wide receivers room. Now, I have been spending a little bit more time in the wide receiver room. Anything can switch at any given time so I just have to stay ready.”


On if it is mentally taxing to switch between RB and WR:

“It can be a lot, but that is what they expect out of me so I just have to be ready. That is why I was brought here. I have to be able to be ready for it at any given time.”


On if he hopes his versatility will help him secure a roster spot:

“I would hope so. It has kind of been the type of player that I have been my whole life. It is nothing really different to me. I just try to do my best to be the best at each position that they try to put me.”


On if he and other young Browns players are looking at the preseason as a great chance to shine:

“Yeah, like you said, any opportunity, you just hope for that. I am just thankful that I hopefully get an opportunity this weekend. When I do, I am going to make every rep count.”


On how he is informed on what position group he will be with each day:

“The coaches have been really good after practice after we get done for the day, they will shoot me a text or give me a call and let me know what room I am going to be in the next day, just to help me get a head start on preparing.”


On if he has been told what position he will be playing on Saturday:

“Not yet. We will see.”


On if he is more comfortable at RB or WR:

“I always say that I really do not have a preference. My only preference is putting the ball in my hands and letting me make plays. I feel like I can be very successful at either position, and I feel really comfortable at either one.”


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