Ravens WR Marquise Brown (12.14.20)

WR Marquise Brown


(on his late touchdown catch and run) “I just saw everybody come down in a Cover Zero-type look, and I just tried to beat my man. They came up, they got aggressive at the line, but I was able to shake loose, and Lamar [Jackson] … [he’s] always extending the play, and he made a great throw. God put us in a great position.”

(on how he can sum up what QB Lamar Jackson did tonight, especially after battling cramps late in the game) “He’s a special individual. The way he’s able to take control of games and use his legs, use his arm to the way that nobody can, he’s very special.”

(on if there was ever any doubt in how the game would end when he came back onto the field) “There was no doubt. There was no doubt. We know we have a chance whenever we get the ball with Lamar, so we just had to go out there and make a play.”

(on what this win says about the Baltimore Ravens) “It says we have no quit. I think we’ve shown that the last few weeks – we have no quit. We’re going to fight until the end, and that’s what we did.”