Ravens TE Mark Andrews (12.14.20)

TE Mark Andrews


(On when QB Trace McSorley was injured and the thoughts of the players as QB Lamar Jackson re-entered the game) “Obviously, it was sad to see Trace [McSorley] go down like that. So, that was the first thing we thought. Then, you see Willie [Snead IV] taking snaps – ‘Steamin’ Willie’ – he’s played quarterback before. If we had to do that, we were going to make it work. Then, Lamar [Jackson] shows up and saves the day.”

(on if he could tell if QB Lamar Jackson was cramping in the huddle) “I couldn’t tell, I couldn’t tell. He told us after the game that he was cramping up pretty bad, but I couldn’t tell. Obviously, it was bad. I’m just thankful that we got him back at the end of the game. That was big for us.”

(on how he would begin to describe what that game was) “Hectic. My emotions are all over the place right now. I just feel, first of all, blessed to be able to play this game after two weeks of sitting out and watching this team play. So, it was tough for me to do that. It was just so much fun. All the guys competed. Everyone made plays. Everyone stepped up. It was a team win all around. Credit to the Browns – they played a great game as well.”

(on what QB Lamar Jackson did by coming back onto the field and finishing the game the way he did) “He’s playing at an elite level. You look at his completions and the way he’s running the ball, [he’s] the complete package. Like I said before, it’s a pleasure to be able to play with him. He’s so special in everything that he does. He makes everyone else’s jobs easier. He had a heck of a game today. I don’t know what the stat line was, but he was efficient as heck. We were able to complete drives and be efficient, and everyone was making plays. That’s what it’s all about. We were clicking today.”

(on the mentality of the team to convert on fourth down late in the game) “It’s fourth-and-6, and [to] see our leader come back onto the field, and you know he’s going to be ready to go. And for him to make that throw, and for ‘Hollywood’ [Marquise Brown] to get open like that and get in the end zone … Those two guys have a special connection. That was a big-time play. We needed that, and we were all just ecstatic. People were making plays left and right. It wasn’t just one guy. Our defensive guys were making plays. You see Tyus Bowser had a touchdown. It’s hard to describe this game, just because everyone was doing their thing. [It was] just a lot of fun.”

(on what this comeback effort says about QB Lamar Jackson) “He’s resilient. He’s resilient in everything he does. He works hard. I think the proof is in the pudding – I think when you see everything that he’s done, and how he plays, and the way the team fought. We’re not a team that gets down and come back. I think we’ve shown that this year. We’ve shown time and time again that we could come back from being down in deficits. Obviously, this was a great game, and he showed it again.”

(on if he had any ill effects from COVID-19 and if he thought both teams would combine for 89 points heading into the game) “The COVID-[19] – I was, kind of, laid up for about 8 days. Just aches all over my body, tiredness, headache, all that stuff with COVID-[19]. It was definitely humbling going through that. It was good that I was able to get a week of practice, get my lungs right, get my body right before this game – and I felt good. But, no, I didn’t expect this game to be the way it was. And that’s the beauty about football. You never know what to expect. You’ve just got to go out there and handle the punches – and that’s what this team did. This is going to make us stronger down the road.”

(on if I win like this can serve as inspiration moving forward) “No doubt, no doubt. I think this was, obviously, a huge win for us. All these games coming up are playoff games. That’s the type of mindset we had today. We can’t let one slip, and it started with the Cleveland Browns. We’re looking to next week and to get better against the Jacksonville Jaguars.”

(on his post-game exchange with his fellow college teammate Browns QB Baker Mayfield) “It was just good to see him. Obviously, he’s playing at a very, very high level. Obviously, I didn’t like to see him doing that to our defense at times. But it’s good to see him doing well and throwing the ball around. That’s my buddy, so it was good.”