Ravens S Chuck Clark (12.14.20)

S Chuck Clark


(on what the sideline was going through during the game-winning field goal attempt) “It was like, we all know we’ve got trust in him [Justin Tucker], [and] the entire ‘Wolfpack’ – him, Morgan [Cox], Sam [Koch] – to do their job and get it through. So, it’s definitely a moment like, ‘What’s about to happen?’ But we knew they were going to come through and get the job done.”

(on TE Mark Andrews saying that WR Willie Snead IV was their emergency QB after QB Trace McSorley got hurt and QB Lamar Jackson had yet to return from the locker room) “I don’t too much about what goes on with the depth on offense, but I’m sure they trust him if they were going to throw him out there.”

(on the communication on the back end given the injuries) “We’re just trying to get guys lined up. As long as we’ve got the call, we can go from there, [and] anything can happen. So, that’s the main thing – let’s line up, let’s trust each other, and let’s go make plays – at that point.”

(on his thoughts when he saw QB Trace McSorley go down with an injury) “When I saw him go down, I didn’t know how serious it was at the moment, but then I realized, he was actually down there for a nice little while. So, I was like, ‘Hey, what’s about to happen?’ I saw different guys over there getting ready to go in there and get warmed up. What type of play the offense was going to run being that it was fourth down – I didn’t know. But seeing ‘L.J.’ [Lamar Jackson] run back out there, that was a sigh of relief.”

(on if the sideline was wondering what was going on with QB Lamar Jackson) “Yes, kind of. Things happen throughout the course of a game. It’s a physical game, and guys get dinged up; nicks, bruises, cramps. So, things happen.”

(on the Browns’ second-half adjustments on offense) “They kind of tried to get into the run game. They’ve got two good running backs. They tried to go to that in the second half on one of the drives and get it moving, the ball. But at the end, we were able to stop them.”

(on if this win can give them momentum moving forward) “Definitely – a lot of momentum. But like you said, all our games are must wins, at this point, to get to that ultimate goal where we want to go. So, we’re locked in, and we know what time it is.”