Ravens QB Tyler Huntley (12.12.21)

On what was going through your head when you saw QB Lamar Jackson limping off the field:

“I just started warming up and just becoming aware of the situation. Just ready to take on the task. That is all.”


On the Browns defense on the fourth down play:

“He was just a free rusher. I went to my hot read and it just happened that he made a great play.”


On what was going through your mind emotionally knowing that this was a big game:

“Every game is a huge game in this league. Every game is a big task. I knew at that moment I had to lock in to just give us the best chance to win and we just came up short.”


On when you felt the best during the game:

“After I fumbled, I was very locked in. I just knew I could not make any mistakes. I was not going to give the team the best chance to even be in the game, so I knew I had to lock in even more and just do what I can.”


On having the confidence of the team:

“It is a great assurance that they feel so good in me. It just shows that they have good confidence in me. That is a lot. That is like telling your baby child that you have confidence that they are going to get good grades and they go out and get good grades. That is building the trust.”


On if he talked to QB Lamar Jackson and what his mindset is:

“(QB) Lamar (Jackson) was proud of me giving the team a chance. He is going to be ready to work and come back whenever they do their tests to make sure he is OK. He will be back.”


On your confidence in WR Rashod Bateman to make plays:

“I definitely told him I know he will make a play for me. I know all of my receivers will make plays for me when I give them the chance. I just have to give them the chance.”


On if Lamar Jackson has to miss any more games, how does this game help you prepare:

“Just going back to it. Football is football. We are all at the highest level right now. We just have to go out there and give our highest level of effort. That is what I plan on doing. I know the Ravens – the whole organization – we are going to give our best effort so we are looking forward to whatever.”


On going for two after the first touchdown and what you saw:

“They just ended up zoning us. We had a man concept going. They zoned us. They just made a good play. A good call.”


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