Ravens QB Lamar Jackson (9.29.19)

(on if the Browns’ defense was playing like the Chiefs were and taking away deep passes) “Yeah, absolutely. But we still have to execute, whichever play we get, whatever we’re doing, get down the field. Keep the job going. We’re not trying to put our defense out there with no points. That’s our job, and we didn’t do it today.”


(on how he combats a defense like the Browns’ moving forward) “Just get back Tuesday, watch film on our next opponent, the Steelers, another division game and go see what they do. Next week, if they play us the same way, we’re just going to have to execute a little earlier.”


(on the fourth-down pass to TE Mark Andrews seeming to have a miscommunication)  “Miscommunication. He converted. It was press. Bad on my behalf. Hold the ball a little longer or just get off it and go through my progression.”


(on the strategy against the Browns’ cornerbacks and them being far off the receivers) “We were supposed to. We just did that a little late. And when we did do it, sometimes the ball wasn’t placed right. I didn’t throw a good ball. We just have to execute, like I said. Finish my throws, keep the job going.”


(on it seeming like self-inflected wounds and if that was frustrating) “We just have to go out there and play. Mistakes are going to happen. I’ve never seen a person play a perfect game. We just have to go out there, move on to the next play, and do us.”


(on how he would describe the feeling in the locker room) “Pissed. We’re pissed right now. I’ve never heard of anybody that likes losing. We’d rather come out on top. But we didn’t. We fell short. We’ll get better next week, come out with a victory.”


(on if the way that they lost makes him reassess in a deeper way than if it had been a nail-bitter) “Any loss. But this kind of rival game, this division game. So, we’re pissed right now.”


(on when he got up slow after getting pushed out of bounds) “I’m good.”


(on if the Browns are as good as they looked today) “You’re trying to get me, huh? (laughter) They were good. They won. They won. They played a great game. We just have to do better next time.”


(on how much momentum they lost when RB Mark Ingram II fumbled the ball) “Mistakes happen, like I said before. We just have to go out there on the next drive and punch it in. Shoot, I threw an out to Marquise [Brown], it hit the ground, bad ball. If we had kept that [drive] going, we would have scored points. So, it’s not a one-man show. It’s a team thing.”


(on being able to rely on last year’s defense to shut a game down, and that not being the case this year and how that changes the offense) “Still can. Like I said, our job is to score points. So, if that’s going on, we just have to punch it in a lot more. We’re not relying on our defense to guard that stop, every one. It’s us. Our offense, we score points. We rely on our defense. Our defense gets motivated by us. If we’re not scoring points, I would be down, too, if I were on defense. So, I’ll just take that. We’re taking that.”


(on what frustrated him most today) “The loss. The loss frustrated me. I would have been smiling if we had won, but the frustrating part is losing. Anything else on the field, it happens. It’s part of football. We’re in the NFL. That’s going to go both sides with both teams, good and bad. We just have to execute.”