Ravens OLB Matthew Judon and OLB Tyus Bowser (12.14.20)

OLB Matthew Judon and OLB Tyus Bowser 


(on the emotions of the final two minutes)

Judon: “Lamar [Jackson] came back out and got us the touchdown, got us the go-ahead two-point [conversion], and then it was on us to stop them. Obviously, we didn’t get that done, but there was a lot of time left on the clock. I think it was 1:05. Shoot – at that point, it’s just watching the offense. We couldn’t do anything more or anything less. We were just watching them march the ball. That’s why we got ‘Tuck’ [Justin Tucker], man. ‘Tuck’ comes up in those clutch moments. Cold games … I think that was his first field goal attempt, if I’m not mistaken, and he drills it. All glory to God. That’s why we practice, and that’s why we’re a team.”


(on his interception and the athleticism required)

Bowser: “The play was called for me to drop.” (Matthew Judon: “Speak up. Speak up”) (laughter) “The call was there for me to drop. [I was] just going through my reads, and I saw him turn toward the receiver. Once I see that, I just try to do my job flat. Once I saw him throw the ball, I just put my timing out there to go and make a play – and that’s what I did. Just whatever I have to do to help the team win, whether it’s catching balls … I tried to get in the end zone. I thought I did, but I guess not. But we scored on that, so that’s all that mattered to me. I was just happy to get the ball into our offense’s hands and put some points on the board.” 


Judon: “Honestly, Tyus [Bowser] deserves a lot more credit, man. It’s hard. You’ve seen people dropping balls in the cold, and he came up with it one-handed. That’s his third pick in four weeks. So, he’s been working hard behind the scenes. He catches and throws almost every day. You all have to respect … You all have to respect this man in coverage, man. Respect him – he can rush, and he can cover. He does both, and he’s an extremely hard worker.” 


(on CB Marlon Humphrey setting the record of the most forced fumbles in team history)

Judon: “Is it for the season or all-time?” (Reporter: “This season.”) “In the season? That’s who Marlon [Humphrey] is, man. He covers. He blitzes. I think he has two sacks on the season. He has a couple TFLs [tackles for loss] out of the nickel [cornerback position]. Whatever you need Marlon to do, he does. And when he tackles you, he’s going for the ball. So, he does over and beyond his job. That’s why he got [his contract] extended. That’s why he got the payday that he got, and it’s well-deserved.” 


(on if they’ve ever had cramps so badly that they need to leave the game)

Bowser: “Shoot. If you’ve ever had a cramp, you know what I’m saying, that stuff isn’t easy.” (Matthew Judon: “You know Aaron isn’t an athlete. Come on, now. [He] hasn’t ever had a cramp sitting on the couch.” (laughter) “He fought through it, and he was able to come back on the field and help us come out with the win, especially when [Trace] McSorley went down. That just shows you the fight that he has in him, the leadership he has. Whatever he’s going through, he’s going to find a way to come out here and help us [however] he can to come out and get a win. That’s what he did; he went out there through what he was going through, made big plays down the field [and] scored to put Justin Tucker in a good position to get that game-winning field goal. That’s just the player that he is. That’s why he’s that guy. So, [I’m] just proud of what he did, and I’m happy to come out with a win.” 


(on if he thought coming into the year that he would make a big leap in making plays in coverage)

Bowser: “I look at myself as just a football player, man. Whatever I have to do, whether that is dropping in coverage or rushing, I’m just there to do it. That was one of my goals coming in, just to get an interception; I got three. So, me, I just try to do whatever I can to help the team, but just don’t look at me as just a coverage guy. I can actually get to the quarterback. Overall, I’m just a football player.” 


(on if the team has any concerns about the defense allowing 42 points moving forward)

Judon: “You know, every game is a game-by-game basis. If we shut a team out, you all aren’t going to say, ‘You’re the best defense.’ If we give up 42 [points], we’re not the worst defense. It was just this game. They exploited some stuff. We have to go to the film, and we have to correct that stuff. But everybody isn’t going to jump off the ship over here – at least we’re not. So, we’re going to go to work, like we always do. We’re going to correct it. We’re going to come back next week, and we’re going to fight.” 


(on if they consider the Browns’ final touchdown a blessing in disguise that it happened so quickly and left time on the clock)

Judon: “No. If the defense … We could’ve put our offense back out there, and they could’ve then taken a knee. We would’ve loved that. But that’s how football is, man. You leave enough time [against] a good offense, and they go right back and score. So, that’s how the game goes. It’s all clock management. Our staff and our coaches do a great job of clock management, and our offense did a great job. We had that one timeout left, and we knew we could work the middle of the field while they were playing outside leverage. We got … I believe Mark [Andrews] got 40 yards on two plays. Then we hit Willie Snead [IV] on an out [route], and it just set us up.”