Ravens Head Coach John Harbaugh (12.12.21)

Opening statement:

“I appreciate you guys being here.”


On Ravens QB Lamar Jackson’s status:

“Lamar has an ankle sprain. We’ll look at it more tomorrow and see where we’re at.”


On Ravens QB Tyler Huntley’s performance and the grit he showed:

“Tyler showed a lot of grit as you said. It felt like the whole team did that. That’s who we are and that’s why we have a chance to still win the championship – the AFC North and hopefully go on from there. That’s what we’ll be fighting to do in the next four weeks.”


On the defensive adjustments made in the second half:

“We didn’t really change much of anything. We didn’t get the pass interference penalties that we had in the first half. That is basically the biggest difference.”


On the number of flags thrown:

“Of course it was [frustrating]. I mean, you guys saw the game right? Write what you saw. You want to get a quote from me about it and then I get fined or whatever. It just cracks me up. Go ahead and write what you saw.”


On the decision to go for the two-point conversion:

“Well, it’s pretty much a standard non-decision. You do it at that point in time because you’re going to have to win a two-point conversion. So you understand if you get it or won’t get it early, where you’re at and go from there – how many possessions you’re going to need and what you’re going to have to do. If you wait until the last two-point conversion and you don’t get it, the game’s over. You’ve lost. So you try it early.  We’re in a 7-point game and we know where we stand. If we don’t get it, we’re in a 9-point game and we know that we need two possessions.”


On how much confidence there is Ravens QB Tyler Huntley after today if Ravens QB Lamar Jackson is out for an extended period of time:

“[We have a] great deal of confidence [in Tyler]. Absolutely. The guys are confident in Tyler. He has proven himself now in two different games. We’re confident in all of our players. If we weren’t confident in him, he would not be on this team. We believe in our players and I think you saw that today. The guys going on the secondary is a good example of that. They went out and did a great job defensively across the board and offensively, especially in the second half. There are things we have to work on, those areas like situational football that obviously we have to get better at. That’s what we’ll continue to work on and try to play our best football in the last four games here.”


On what the team showed him today keeping the game as close as they did:

“It’s just that. We expect to win every game. It’s not like we come in here and think we’re not going to win the game. We’re capable. We have a great football team with the guys we have. We have all-star players. There is no doubt in my mind that we’re going to win every game. That’s how we feel about it. Guys stepped up, they didn’t bat an eye and they played good football. That’s what you expect from them.”


On Ravens QB Tyler Huntley’s ability to make plays with his legs:

“He did a great job on that. He threw the ball well. He made plays with his legs as you said. He did the things that were required when you have the ball to score points. He played a good football game.”


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