Ravens HC John Harbaugh conference call (9.9.20)

Ravens Head Coach John Harbaugh conference call:

On if he feels the Ravens accomplished everything they would in a normal training camp or preseason: 

“I do not know. We just did not have the [preseason] games so we were not able to accomplish what we would like to think that we could accomplish in the games. Without that, it is pretty hard to say that we did. It is just a different kind of year.”


On the biggest difference without preseason games this year heading into Week 1: 

“Just the fact that it is new. We will be going out there for the first time, and it will be for real. We will be playing a division rival who we always have knockdown, drag-out, brawl-type games against. We understand the type of game it is going to be and what it has been historically. Without having any type of a preseason game, I just think it is going to be different. In what way? I do not know, but we are going to find out because we are all going to be diving in.”


On the challenge facing the Browns with new offensive and defensive schemes: 

“It is a big challenge, especially in this season like this where we have not had any preseason games even to take a look at. We have coached against their coaches in the past in different places, and they are all excellent coaches. (Head) Coach (Kevin) Stefanski has done a great job with Minnesota with the offense there and throughout his career as he has earned a really great reputation as a teacher and a developer of offenses and quarterbacks. We know what we are in for there. (Offensive line) Coach (Bill) Callahan is one of the most respected coaches and in the National Football League by far. He is going to contend with that. The rest of their coaches on offense, and defense too with (defensive coordinator) Coach (Joe) Woods in San Francisco and Minnesota before that and then the assistants that they have, just a young bright bunch of guys that know what they are doing. We have had to try to chase that a little bit across the film from all those different places and put it together as best we can. Really in the end, it is kind of a guessing game.”


On if he expects a run-heavy Browns team on Sunday: 

“I do not know. You just never know what to expect as far as how the gameplan is going to go on their side or how the plays will be called. That is something that we just have to be ready for. There is a possibility of that, for sure. We can try to understand as much as we can the offense that we think we are going to see. Really, when you get into the game, you have to focus on executing your own plays as best you can, play the game and see how it unfolds.”


On expectations for Ravens QB Lamar Jackson this season: 

“We have high expectations. Nobody has higher expectations for Lamar than Lamar himself. He is very motivated. He loves the game. He has a lot of energy always. He wants to achieve a certain level, and he certainly does not believe he has done that yet. That takes work, effort and a team all together hitting on all cylinders. He is very motivated, he has worked really hard and had a really good camp so far.”


On his message to the team after last season and talking about building upon success but not being satisfied with the end result: 

“I really do not remember exactly what I said. I think when you have shared experiences like that and some of that was bringing the rookies into it so they can understand a little bit to be a part of what we are doing, but when you share experiences like that, that is how you kind of come to an understanding about your vision and what you are trying to accomplish together because you have been down the same paths together. Going forward, you just have to grow from it.”


On Ravens RB J.K. Dobbins:

“J.K. is really just a special kind of a guy. Just getting to know him, what a motivated young man. Obviously, talented because you saw [at Ohio State] and I saw him, too. I watched those games, as well. I watched a little bit of Big Ten football, just like you guys. He is super talented, but the thing that jumped out for me was what we have been told, certainly by (former Ohio State Head Football Coach Urban) Meyer and people there at Ohio State was that he was just a joy to be around and a highly motivated guy. That has turned out to be exactly the case and even more.”


On expectations from the Browns defense with defensive coordinator Joe Wood’s scheme and the return of DE Myles Garret after missing the final game against the Ravens last season:

“Myles Garrett, which is one of the premier players in the National Football League, he is a game wrecker. Have to be aware of him at times. That defensive line is where it starts for those guys on defense. They have, I think most people would agree, one of the top D lines in football across the board. We have to try to do the best we can to try to neutralize those guys, and it starts with Myles Garrett. Coach Woods is a secondary coach at heart. They have a very good secondary, a lot of talent. Brought in a couple of new safeties. I know they have high expectations for them and are very good players, a lot of experience. Their corners are just as talented as anybody in the league. That is kind of what we are focusing on there. Coach Woods has had a lot of success, both Minnesota and San Francisco. We are just guessing in terms of what he might run – we do not know – but you just go by what he has been a part of in the past and try to speculate as best you can.”


On if it is tough to know what to expect from QB Baker Mayfield after a strong rookie season and some struggles last season:

“We have seen him. Gosh, we saw him in his first year and we understand what he is capable of and how talented he is. The throws that he can make, how tough he is to get a hold of in the pocket and how quick he releases the ball and how accurate he is, that is the Baker Mayfield that we prepare for and that is what you have to do. I am sure he is very motivated, but we have some guys here from Oklahoma who have a lot of respect for him and speak very highly of him. We have tons of respect for him, and we know that we have our hands full.”


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