Ravens HC John Harbaugh conference call (9.25.19)

Head Coach John Harbaugh:

On being the second-longest tenured head coach in the NFL and his coaching foundation:

“Probably just blessings, I guess, and faith. My dad from a coaching standpoint, my brother (Michigan Head Football Coach Jim Harbaugh) and I both grew up around it so I think our principles, as you said, the things that anchor us as coaches are definitely from Jack (Harbaugh). Even to this day, he is at practices a lot for both of us and watches all of our tape. He was just asking me today for some Browns tape, too, so I was kind of fired up about that. That is where it kind of starts for us.”


On the Ravens running game this season:

“It can always be better. That is how it gets better. As a coach, you probably look at that way and we are always trying to improve and be as good as we can in every area.”


On the addition of Ravens RB Mark Ingram II:

“Mark in a downhill runner, great vision, runs really hard and just a really talented guy. I think he sets the tone between the tackles. You get outside, and he is catching passes, too, which he did not do as much in New Orleans. He is an all-around back. I think he is one of the best backs in the league.”


On if there is a difference in what Ravens RB Gus Edwards is doing this year:
“They are different style guys. They are both good backs. Edwards is a physical guy. He is 240 pounds. He breaks tackles. He is pretty nifty for a guy his size. I can’t say they are the same, but they both do a good job for us.”


On differences in the Browns offense this season compared to the end of 2018:

“They have added players obviously, and that is a big part of it. They are another year into the system. They are building something around (QB) Baker (Mayfield) that is for him. You always want to build around your quarterback. They are working very hard to do that and the things he does well and keep developing off that and the guys he has around him. I think the running back, (Nick) Chubb is doing a great job. He is a factor. They just have a lot of talent, a heck of a quarterback, a big, strong offensive line and they are working with those guys.


On if he still feels like the Browns have the most talent in the AFC North, given his comment at owners meetings this offseason:
“You have a long of memory. I am impressed. You do not forget these things, right? To me, that was an offseason question. I think at the time, they did have the most talent in the division. It was meant to be a compliment to the Browns organization and everything and the job they have done. They are very talented. They have a lot of really good young players. They have what, two top-10 picks playing corner for them. That is really impressive among other things. They have a lot of good players and a lot of good coaches. (Head) Coach (Freddie) Kitchens does a great job. That is where they were at. Now, we are playing the season and all of that stuff gets determined during the season. It is part of it now, but it is not really a time to rank that. I had not thought about it in those kind of terms. You are just trying to put a gameplan together and do the best we can on Sunday.


On how Ravens QB Lamar Jackson has improved as a passer:

“He has always had arm talent. That is something that has been there. We recognized that and saw that in the draft process and also last season, but he just worked hard. He has gone to work. He has worked with different people – (Ravens quarterbacks coach) James Urban, our quarterback coach, and others. Just give him credit. He has been in the offense now a little longer so he is a little more comfortable just as a pro quarterback in his second year. Although, he did well his first year, too. That hopefully is the trajectory that you look for in any player, especially quarterback.”


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