Ravens HC John Harbaugh (9.29.19)

(opening statement) “Tough game, obviously, for the Ravens. Congratulations to the Browns. It’s a good win, and they deserve it. They played the better football today by a large margin. So, they walk out of here with a well-deserved win.”


(on how he feels about fixing the defensive problems) “We just have to clean it up. The Browns did a good job. It’s as simple as that. When you have a gap control or a responsibility on a run play, you have to be there. When you have a coverage responsibility, you have to do it. That’s as simple as that. We’re not disciplined right now in that sense. [If] we don’t do our assignment like we’re supposed to too many times, it’s costing us big plays.”


(on how QB Lamar Jackson handled the pressure today) “He handled it well.”


(on if he overestimated the Browns) “No.”


(on if he may have to consider personnel changes on the defense) “What would you suggest?” (Reporter: “I don’t know. Giving guys a bigger look or more snaps?”) “We do that all the time. We do that. We consider that every single day. We look at that constantly. I assure you that.”


(on DT Brandon Williams being inactive today) “He had something that flared up on him. It wasn’t an injury. It was like … I don’t know how to describe it. It was a thing that caused him a lot of pain, and that was what flared up on him.”


(on if he saw anything during the altercation between CB Marlon Humphrey and WR Odell Beckham Jr.) “I didn’t see the TV copy. I was told that [Odell] Beckham [Jr.] took a swing at him. So, that’s supposed to be a penalty.”


(on S Earl Thomas III seeming to stop on RB Nick Cubb’s long touchdown run) “I didn’t see it.”


(on if S Earl Thomas III had an issue with his leg) “Earl Thomas?” (Reporter: “He pulled up.”) “I don’t know. You’ll have to ask him. We’ll have an injury report after the game.”