Ravens CB Marlon Humphrey (12.14.20)

CB Marlon Humphrey


(on what it means to him to have set the Ravens’ single-season franchise record in forced fumbles, surpassing Terrell Suggs) “That’s a big accomplishment for me. When I was a rookie, before I had even played a game, ‘Sizz’ [Terrell Suggs] had told me I was the future of this franchise. So, from pretty early on and to him really not being able to see me get to play in a game, it seemed like he had some respect for me. So, to be mentioned in his name with anything is definitely an honor.” 

(on QB Lamar Jackson coming back into the game on fourth down and converting it to a touchdown) “That was a true movie, Hollywood script, and it seemed like earlier this week, I just had a feeling … Lamar [Jackson] has a unique way of being able to lead guys without having to say much. This week he was a little more vocal, and I felt like he was going to bring his best game tonight. It just matched up all so well with how the week went, with him being a little more vocal as far as addressing the whole team on Zoom calls. It just all went together, and I was super pumped when that happened. It was just crazy.”

(on the resiliency this team has showed over the last few weeks) “It definitely was nowhere near perfect, defensively. But, sometimes you’re going to have to have these games where the offense has to bail you out a little bit. We just kept fighting, and it seemed like there were several times where you just could have gotten down and been like, ‘Man, it’s over.’ But we made them earn it, and they moved the ball on the defense at times, but we just kept fighting, and the offense bailed us out. That’s how the game goes; it’s complementary football sometimes. It might be one-sided, but as long as one side is going, you can always have a good ending.”