Rams players (9.22.19)



WR Brandin Cooks:

On what Head Coach Sean McVay says at halftime to get the Rams going in the second half:

“At the end of the day, we come in at half and knowing we did not start fast. In this league, we have to start faster than what we have been doing. Great win tonight. Defense held us, but we have come out and start faster.”


On sharing the majority of the receiving yards with WR Cooper Kupp:

“You talk about how selfless this receiving corps is. It may seem like that to the audience, but you got guys like Ro (WR Robert Woods) getting us open to be honest with you. Doing a lot of that dirty work and vice versa and when it is his turn and we just all feed off one another. We help each other out and get open.”


S John Johnson III:

On what went through his mind at the end of the game:

“Execute. We had a bread and butter play called and we just had to execute. It was a fight for the ball, he wanted it, but I had to have it.”


On the defensive performance tonight:

“That’s what we do. We bend but we don’t break. We try to stand up when we are called on and when we are needed most. That’s something we pride ourselves on and something we preach in our meeting room everyday.  It was good to come on the road and get a win.”


On how prepared they were for the offense:

“We were prepared.  I’m, a little frustrated by a few plays that I left out there but I think we were pretty prepared. They hit us a few times but those type of plays don’t get you beat. It’s a mindset we had. Make them slap it one more time. That was our goal coming into the game.”


On the Rams’ pass rush:

“Those guys were relentless. They make our job a lot easier. I don’t know if the numbers were there but he definitely felt it and got flushed out of the pocket. I love our guys out front.”


On stopping the Browns four times in a row on 4th and goal:

“Its complimentary football. Our offense needed a pick up and we went out there and backed our team up. Special teams, offense, we are all one team. We go out there and stand up when needed.”


On LB Clay Matthew’s play tonight:

“It’s huge. His family is known in this town, so he had to put on a big game. It was all good, we love him.”


On what was going through his mind on the final drive:

“More plays. One at a time. We got to the 4th down play, he wanted it, I had to have it. Ballgame.”


LB Cory Littleton:

On if the Rams kept Browns QB Baker Mayfield on his heals:

“We got the W, so yeah.”


On the Rams defense coming together quickly:

“Everybody did a tremendous job this past game. All 11. Days like these do not come very often. When they do, it is great for us.”


On the importance of starting the season 3-0:

“It is very important. At the end of the day, we are just working on getting first round seed. Once we get that bye, get two wins after that, try to go the Super Bowl, and finish it all off.”


LB Clay Matthews:

On the goal line stop at the end of the game:

“It was huge, obviously. The game came down to that. For us to buckle down and make the plays when we needed to speaks volumes to our defense and how well we have been playing this year. Obviously, we have been giving up some plays and there is always room for corrections. To go down there and end it that fashion and for the most part rely on our defense to come away with this victory is huge. We are feeling good about it. There are some things to improve upon, but getting these wins on the road is very difficult no matter who you are playing. Obviously, Cleveland is an ascending team. First Sunday night game in however many years. The stadium was rocking. They did good job keeping it close to the vest. Conservative with their play calling. Furthermore, their defense created a ton of turnovers which made it difficult at time to put your foot on their throat. Hats off to them, but fortunately we did enough to get the victory. Similar to Carolina, we will take it and move forward from it.”


On keeping pressure on QB Baker Mayfield:

“We just stayed after it. Earlier in the game, they ran a lot of the RPO scheme where he is just reading things. We played a lot base where the pass rusher was not as instrumental. One we switched over to Dime, four-man rush, in the ladder part of the first half and mainly in the second half, we were able to turn up the pressure when it was time to rush the passer. Especially when they had to make some plays and sit back and drop back, that is when you saw guys getting after the quarterback. That is what we pride ourselves on. Obviously, we have the best player in the league on the inside. (OLB) Dante (Fowler Jr.), myself, (OLB) Samson (Ebukam), and (DL) Michael (Brockers)  –  we all try to follow that up and do our part. I think the pass rush, especially in the fourth quarter, was truly what made the difference.”


On wearing his dad’s (former Browns’ player Clay Matthews Jr.) jersey and his dad being honored into the Browns’ Ring of Honor:

“It was awesome to see. It was a fun event this weekend for the Matthews family. Unfortunately, I was not able to take part in it. But to be out there and see his name along some of Cleveland’s truly all-time greats was remarkable to see. I was able to catch him at the tail end of his speech at halftime. It was cool to see. It looked like he got emotional up there. For me as his son growing up I figured everybody’s father did the same thing. I would not say he did not do anything special as he played 19 years. Now, I’m in my 11th year and understand what it takes to play at a top level and dealing with injuries and preserving. To see this city that gave back to us so much and he gave back to them so much, and to award him by putting him in the Ring of Honor is special. I am excited to see him. I am excited to see his speech, which obviously I did not get to see. I get to go see about 20 of them right now and I am looking forward to it.”


On if it was difficult keeping emotions while playing:

“No, I was cool. I was pulling for the Rams.”


CB Nickell Robey-Coleman:

On how the defense responded throughout the game:

“Move onto the next play.  We knew our backs were against the wall and we had to be there for our offense. We knew if we came through, Coach (Sean) McVay would be super happy for us.”


On the combined penalties on the 3rd down:

“It was a lot going on. We were all working together and we were playing off of each other. JJ (S John Johnson III) took my man and I overlapped. We needed to make a play, so that’s a good job for us.”


On how it feels to play on a defense with such high game intelligence:

“Hell yeah. We are so smart, sometimes we try not to get to cute for one another. At the end of the day its X’s and O’s, 1,2,3. Let’s keep some things simple, but if we have to get complicated let’s get complicated. For the most part, having guys like E- Dub (S Eric Weddle) back there, he already knows what’s coming and has a good feel for the defense. He puts us in the best position to the plays we can.”


On whether or not their successful defense has an effect on the offense:

“Definitely. If we can keep that going during the season we are going to be alright.”


S Eric Weddle:

On DT Aaron Donald’s impact:

“Every play he can make a difference, and he does for us. We build most of our game plan around him and the command he brings from the opponent. The slide of the lines, the protection calls, what they can and can’t do because he is on the field. We play great team defense. We have been harping on it since April, we do it one play at a time. We play defense. High rolls and we are trying to be the best in the league, and anything short is unacceptable to us.”


On if he thinks they are the best defense in the NFL:

“I don’t know. I don’t really get into that. I just know that we are a tough defense to deal with.  We play together and we are really close in the secondary.  To limit that offense with those weapons to 13 points and the only big play they had was on the screen which is a great call by them. But, no plays up the field, that’s what we pride ourselves on. Communicate, put yourself in the right position to take away those dangerous threats, and make them work for every inch. That’s what we did tonight.”


On the incomplete/interception at the end:

“Unbelievable. I’m on the other side doubling, I fall on the ground I’m like ‘oh my gosh I’m going to give up a touchdown, (S) MP (Marcus Peters) was right there and things are happening during the play. Then I pop back up and all I see is JJ (S John Johnson III) diving over there. I’m like ‘oh my gosh, did we win? Did he catch it?’ Then I see him running and I want to go hug my guy. I was so hyped and excited. He’s a rising star in this league and I know he can tell you there are some plays he can learn from and get better. But he’s a guy that can be the best in the league if he keeps working and I’m going to try to help him get there.”


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