Raiders WR Hunter Renfrow (11.1.20)

Raiders WR Hunter Renfrow:

On what was the key to the long drives throughout the game:

“I think our offensive line did a great job of moving the ball. I think whenever (Raiders TE) Jason Witten came over early to us, especially as a receiver, he said, ‘Look, this can be a seven-possession game. We might only get the ball seven times, so we are going to need to sustain those drives, take those third downs and keep the chains moving.’ And I thought the offensive line did an amazing job all day. Going into halftime, it looked like they were just battling and they did a fantastic to be able to finish the way they did. Impressive.”

On if he prefers games with long drives and a lot of short passes:

“Whatever it takes to win that is what we prefer. I do not know if that necessarily answers your question, but it is different every week. And this week, the defense did a such a great job of getting the ball and not letting them score and we were just able to capitalize on it. But to answer your question here, every week is different and if we need to go score 50, then you need to be able to score 50 and great job by the defense today stopping them.”

On if he was confident they were going uphold his touchdown:
“Yeah, absolutely. I thought I got my hands underneath it. It dragged a little bit at the end, but I thought I caught it initially. The ground kind of made it shake a little bit. It was a touchdown.”

On if likes to play in weather like today:

“I am from the beach, so I did not. That was more waves than hurricane it seemed like. It was coming in sideways, backward and forward. You had to kind of gage which side of the field you wanted to take shots on. I have never been around something like that. I think this team did a great job of coming in early in warmups, in pregame, and just setting the tempo that we are going to have fun today and we are not going to let the weather kind of dictate how we play. We are going to go out there and have a blast and thankfully we won.”

On if he has a sense that Raiders Head Coach Jon Gruden enjoys old school games:

“Yeah. He kind of likes the very efficient games. But he also likes to score at the same time. It is kind of catch-22 for him, because he does like the grind-out, the go-get points when you can—field goals, field goals, but he also likes to score points. He likes to win, as well.”

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