Raiders RB Josh Jacobs (11.1.20)

Raiders RB Josh Jacobs:

On how it feels to impact the game as much as he did, especially in these conditions:

“I think it is about time we had a run game like that, where we finished with like 200 yards as a team. So it just feels good to be that dominant.”

On the weather:

“To me, it felt good. It reminded me of growing up, playing football in Oklahoma. You get weather like that in Oklahoma, so I was good. I came out early and walked around the field and I was like, ‘yea, I am good for it.’ When we came out and it started raining, it just made the game more fun, because I knew we were going to run the ball.”

On the offensive line’s effort:

“Like I say every week, I see the way that they work. I see the way that they prepare. I knew it was just a matter of time before we are clicking on all cylinders. We just happened to do that this week.”

On the goal line stand by the Browns:

“That is my fault. I feel like always, when we are on the goal line, it is all about scoring. I do not care if it is a free hit or anything like that. I told the guys it is on me. We will try to come back out there next week and put it in.”

On how the win today feels after the loss last week:

“It just feels good knowing that coming in after last week, like I said, it was embarrassing to me. I feel like I underperformed. Just being able to get that opportunity again this week and coming out here and making the best out of every play, it feels good.”

On Raiders QB Derek Carr’s performance:

“Everybody in the offense has full confidence in D.C. Whether it is his audibles or him throwing the ball. We knew coming in that the statistics and things like that, and Coach (Jon Gruden) talked about how we need to be better in tough environments, especially in cold weather games, and things like that. Just to see us come out and perform, it was huge.”


On how fun it is to have long drives:

“It is fun. I think we had what like a 13 or 15-play drive. That just showed our dominance and running the ball very physically. I feel like that is our style to play. I know that is my style to play. I know that is our mentality as an offense and as a running back—on the offensive line. Just to be able to showcase that this week was huge. We are trying to come out next week and duplicate it and improve a little bit.”

On playing against LB Mack Wilson and other former Alabama teammates:

“It is funny to me, because I am used to going against him in practice in college. I watched him play the whole time in college and I still keep up with him, so just to go against him, like, ‘look, I want the bragging rights.’ So that when we all link up in the offseason, I can talk. It has been fun.”

On what goes through his mind when he sees Carr run the ball:

“Slide. That is what I am thinking. Please do not take a hit. He is comfortable, man. He has looked better every week. Just to see him comfortable and trust that when the play breaks down and he can use his feet, That has been huge.”

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