Raiders QB Derek Carr (12.20.21)

On his fourth quarter interception:

“In the situation we were in, I was trying to be aggressive all night, especially with certain looks we had and the weather. Usually think, just run the ball. I tried to come out with a real aggressive mindset. We had a lot of trying to hit some big play kind of things. Even there, I got the coverage I wanted, and I just gave (Raiders WR) Zay (Jones) a chance. Obviously, their corner sped up, stayed on top and made a play on the ball, which I have to give him credit. He made a great play. After that, it is just, ‘I promise we will win the game. I promise we will win it. Just get it back.’ The defense did, and we were able to go back down field and win the game.”


On his chemistry with Jones:

“It is not perfect. We are still working and all of those good things, but the chemistry is that I trust the guy. There was a slant that (Raiders WR) Brian Edwards caught in the end zone – I think it was the second quarter; I can’t remember the quarter exactly – to my right. It was single-high coverage, and I told him, ‘That is trust down there.’ Same thing with Zay. I trust him. I told him – I went to him actually after that pick – the details of why do not matter, but I went to him and said, ‘I am coming right back to you, and we are winning this game.’ I knew I needed him, and I wanted him to know not only do I need you, but I believe in you. Even on the holding, he had a big play and a big catch. Super proud, and I am super happy for him. He and I have a very close relationship besides football when it comes to talking off the field and spending time together. He comes over to the house and all of those good things. I trust him. I am just happy we got the ball back, not for my own sake but so he could get the ball back in his hands. He won the game for us. It was awesome.”


On compartmentalizing the emotions of the hectic schedule leading up to this game:

“Again, my teammates said things that I agreed with and all of that kind of stuff. At the end of the day, just how I was taught, life is going to throw you curveballs. There are going to be adverse times. I am just going to show up whenever they let us play, and we are going to play. Whether I agree or do not agree, I do not really think it matters. It is good for you guys because you get to talk about it. I am just being honest. At the end of the day, we all know it does not really matter. We have to play at some point, and after that game, we are going to stand there, and we won or lost. That is kind of the approach I took. I wanted to play. I have a schedule. For me, I have a routine. It messes with that a little bit, but if that is the hardest thing I deal with this week, then thank the Lord because we know that we have teammates dealing with a lot more than that as we know. My schedule, my routine and how I plan my week, that is probably the biggest thing that changes.”


On what went wrong on the deep interception in the fourth quarter:
“I threw a pick. It was the coverage we wanted, and he will tell you he wants to accelerate, go get that ball and make that play for me. That is one on one, the safety was low and I threw it over the safety’s head. Zay is going to tell you he should have made that play, and I am going to tell you I threw a pick. Those are the things. At the end of the day, we get it back. He made some huge plays for us.”


On the play when he was hurt and how soon he knew he could return:

“It probably took I don’t know how long, maybe a minute in my brain. It’s the same ankle I did in Pittsburgh. It’s the same ankle I broke. Honestly, I think it’s scar tissue that keeps breaking. I hear these pops and rush of pain, and I’m like, not again. I remember that feeling. It wears off and I’m like thank goodness, because when I broke it, it didn’t really wear off. The scar tissue thing is weird. It’s not like rolling your ankle. You feel a whole bunch of these pops and you’re like, is that all the ligaments because it hurts. I mean, I’m on it. I’m okay, but when it first happens, for the first couple minutes, I’m like I don’t know. I don’t know. I just prayed and thankfully it wasn’t anything serious.”


On lining up a play with Raiders QB Marcus Mariota:

“I’m always ready. I joke with these corners all the time because I’ll run routes and mess with them. I’ll look at them like he’s not throwing it to me, and they’re like ‘he’s not throwing it to you’ and we just laugh. Who knows? Maybe one day I’ll get a one-on-one. I’m not a bad basketball player so I can go up to get a ball.”


On the level of confidence in Raiders K Daniel Carlson:

“High. Super high. In my brain, when we got the ball back, I know what yard line I have to get Daniel to so we have a chance. Daniel has proven over and over again for me. Everyone wants the comeback wins and all this stuff, but it doesn’t matter if he doesn’t make the kick. He makes them. He’s proven it over and over again that he’s a super confident player and a good friend too, so that makes it cool. I don’t really watch the ball; I watch his reaction because he always gives it one of those (arm gesture). Speaking of me being a basketball player, they’re getting replacement players now. Did you hear about that? So, if anyone needs an extra guard. I read that this morning and I was like this is my chance. If anyone needs a shooter and some hustle, I got you.”


On what yard line he had in mind for Carlson:

“For me, I usually think around the 35. When Sea Bass (former Raiders K Sebastian Janikowski) was here, he would usually say ‘get me to the 50.’ Sea Bass, that doesn’t even make sense. With Daniel, I always think around the 35 and if it’s a little bit farther than that, I still think he can make it, obviously. He shows it all the time. If I can help him out with an easy completion depending on time and timeouts and all that kind of stuff. Algorithms I guess, going through my head and trying to figure out decisions and all that kind of stuff. But around the 35. At 40, maybe Coach (Bisaccia) is talking about max and in the wind. I don’t know. But usually, I’m thinking around the 35. It’s on the 40, 41, I know we still have a chance obviously, but I want to get him as close as a I can from that number.”


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